28 May, 2009


Akum n hi to everyone..i am in KL at the moment.Since i am now at my bro's house,got the chance to update this blog.i have just finished an LPM course at Regency International Hotel this afternoon n now i am free to go anywhere i want...heheh!!hubby n syahmi came along n after this we're off to IKEA.window shopping jer..hehe!!that's all for now..till then bye.. nak jalan2 ni..
p/s;to anita n saper2 yang  nak gi SP,bleh la jumper..coz i'll be back to kedah on the second week of holidays..heheh!!

24 May, 2009

Good Luck!!

Midyear exam @ OTI 2 has started last week on Wed,May20th n will be ended this week on Tuesday,May26th.All the pupils of SKRKBB1 are doing their best for this exam...esp yr 6 pupils.By the way,all the best for all of them.Harap2 result ok,esp english:) n bertambah bilangan murid2 dapat 5A..InsyaAllah.And as for the teachers,this is the time we can sit back n relax..heheh!!Tapi tak lama bleh relax,coz banyaknya kertas peksa that we need to mark..huhuhu!!Aku dah kena start mark the papers coz kalu tak,mmg cuti pun tak macam cuti la kan??Selamat menanda kertas peksa kepada semua cikgu2!!

murid2 6Bestari sedang tekun menjawab soalan..

23 May, 2009

Toys That Boost Physical Development..

All play is physical for a young preschooler, which is why it's ideal to make a wide variety of
playthings available to your child. Each stimulates his growth in body and brain in different ways. A range of toys wards off boredom, too.

That doesn't mean you need to buy out the toy store. Simply make sure that your child's toy box provides a range of different kinds of play experiences — and do lots of trades with other parents or happily accept hand-me-downs.
Maybe your child never liked a particular toy truck or has two of something. Could you trade the spurned toy or duplicate for something he hasn't seen before?

Choosing toys from each of the following categories is a great way to offer well-rounded play that encourages physical development.

For large motor skills
Choose toys that emphasize coordination and balance, and build arm and leg strength.

  • Push or pull toys: Try pretend lawn mowers, shopping carts, or vacuums; baby carriages; animals on a string; a light wheelbarrow.

  • Ride-on toys: These require foot power and can help improve balance. Choose wagons, wide low-to-the-ground vehicles (without pedals at first, then low tricycles once your child can reach them, around age 3 or 4). Avoid battery-powered ride-on toys (aside from safety concerns, it's better for your child to get the exercise).
my fave ride!



  • Sports equipment: Playing catch improves hand-eye coordination and involves running, too. Start with large rubber and foam balls. Kicking the ball is also important.

  • Action toys: A low plastic structure that includes a slide and climbable surfaces can be kept indoors or out. (If you don't have room for it, playground visits are a good alternative.) Also consider play tunnels, swings, spinning seats, sofa cushions arranged as an obstacle course, or large cardboard cartons to crawl through.
lets slide down!!
  • Rockers: Rocking horses, rocking vehicles, and rocking chairs all provide the foundation for imaginative play.
For fine motor skills
Choose toys that involve hand-eye coordination. Your child may not be adept at fine-motor action yet, but this kind of play provides practice.
  • Art supplies: Always make available different types of paper and large-sized crayons and pencils, sidewalk chalk, watercolors, washable markers, coloring books, and play clay.

love this too!!
  • Toys that make patterns: Felt boards, magnetic boards, peg boards with large pegs, and matching games involve precise hand movements.

  • Stacking and building toys: Any kind of blocks work well (wooden, plastic, foam, cardboard), as do stacking cups and rings (baby toy holdovers that young preschoolers still enjoy). Shape sorters that allow a child to sort by color and shape appeal to younger preschoolers.

lets clipo!!..
  • Toys to manipulate: At 2, your child may still enjoy knobbed wood pieces but is getting ready to move onto jigsaws of up to 20 pieces or foam puzzles with large interlocking pieces. Also good: Lacing cards, large threading beads, tea sets, musical instruments.
For language skills
Don't forget the following sorts of toys, which emphasize speaking, music, and pre-reading skills.
  • Books: Make a wide variety available, from picture books to simple nonfiction you can read to your child. Replenish often with library trips, bookstore visits, and yard sales.

  • Dramatic play props: Pretend play encourages making up stories. Include dress-up clothes, miniature household props, play sets (dollhouse, farm, soldiers, castle), dolls, action figures, and dinosaurs.

20 May, 2009

BPA free?part 1..

How to Choose BPA Free Baby Bottles

Surely you can just turn the box over and read the label to find out what the bottle is made of, right? Wrong! Manufacturers are not currently required to label their products. That leaves parents wondering what to do next.
  1. Step 1

    First of all, what in the world is BPA?

    BPA is short for Bisphenol-a, a chemical that is actually an artificial estrogen. It is used to create the plastic called polycarbonate. Most major U.S. baby bottle manufacturers use BPA in their production, as well as many food storage containers and toys.

    Researchers have shown that even low levels of estrogen-mimicking BPA are harmful to animals and people, especially babies and young children. Many environmental scientists believe that Bisphenol-a may cause adverse health effects, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and early puberty.

  2. Step 2

    It all seems overwhelming as you stare at the myriad of bottles out there, doesn't it? Take a deep breath and relax. There are many wonderful resources available to help you find the perfect BPA free bottles.

    Start by reviewing the following guides:

    1) Smart Plastics Guide at www.healthobservatory.org/library.cfm?refid=77083

    2) How to Find Safer Baby Bottle Alternatives at www.squidoo.com/nontoxicbabybottles

    3) Safemama's BPA Free Bottle and Sippy Cup Cheat Sheet at www.safemama.com

  3. Step 3

    lesNow that you have an idea what your options are, let's narrow down the list of bottles a little further. Jot down your specific needs:

    1) Does your baby prefer a regular neck or wide neck bottle?

    2) Does your baby need a vented bottle to help reduce gas and spit up?

    3) Are you concerned about the cost and need more affordable BPA free bottles

  4. Step 4

    READY, SET, GO get those non-toxic bottles and start giving your baby an early health advantage today!

These are affordable baby bottles that I currently use for milk feeding..From what I've read,they r definately non-toxic n safe to be used..

p/s:do wait for the next post bpa free-part 2..

19 May, 2009

Happy for the kids!Alhamdulillah..

Today,we went for Co-Academic Carnival Competition for PKG Paka Level at SK Tebing Tembah.Two of my pupils were involved and they performed quite well.Afiazri managed to get 2nd place out of 9 participants n Hariz Irfan got the 3rd place in Public Speaking Comp out of 8.Im so proud of them as this is the first time ever my pupils managed to get top 3 in both comps.Two thumbs up for both of them!I think this is definately a lucky year for afiazri coz he also won 2nd place for story telling comp malay version at PKG level early this year.way to go!however,he needs to practise more as he will represent PKG Paka for district level which is going to be held at SK Sultan Omar on June16th.best of luck!As for me,i need to work on the proper costume that suits his story entitled The Ugly Duckling..Congrats again to the winners n thanks to Sir KuMuzaffar for helping me out..

so proud of them!

prize giving ceremony..

azuan,shima n I with the winners..

what a pleasant view..'Jalan2' after the event..

18 May, 2009

What a day!!

Yesterday,we had a teacher's day celebration n i enjoyed every moment of it.Yesterday was definately 'a stress free day'.heheh!!pagi2 biasa la,ada ucapan2.after that ada senaman beramai2 n pocho2.(betul ker ejaan ni?).best jugak!lepas tu,kami cikgu2 pompuan ke dewan untuk sukaneka n the guys main volley ball.sukaneka main ikut stesen n ada 4 stesen semuanya..kump aku score banyak gak..way to go 'LUKENABEB'-my group's name.budak2 adala bagi hadiah2 n nak kata banyak tak jugak,biaser sajer.then makan2 makanan yang kami sama2 bawak kat bilik guru n budak2 dijamu aiskrim with roti..yummy!pastu persembahan murid2 n budak2 kecik ni kalu dilatih n diberi peluang,mmg nampak bakat n kalu digilap sure lagi mantap..full credits to all the teachers..aku tak latih ape pun coz duk latih budak story telling untuk esok..Menyusul selepas itu,ada upacara penyampaian hadiah dan lunch di kantin..mmg sedap!!ada la gambar2 aku sempat ambik.one of the cikgu kata,'gambar tu ambik nak bubuh dalam blog ker?'aku menafikan tapi mmg ya

kak ayu,k.suria n myself maser perhimpunan pagi

b4 sukaneka..

cg2 laki main volleyball..dekat dataran

senaman beramai2..ewah!ewah!

aku beraksi..heheh!!

lepas jamu budak makan aiskrim..

budak2 buat persembahan..

16 May, 2009

Teacher's day and birthday wish....

Happy Teacher's Day n my wish goes to : my hubby-Khairul Syazlan,myself,late father in law,lovely frens-oja,k.dayah,k.mek ct,k.uteh,k.zan,cg muin-colleagues especially k.suria,k.maznah,k.ayu,k.liza,tak lupa untuk geng panitia English-Azniza,azuan,shima,kumuzaffar,Cg Aminuddin n semua guru SKRKBB1,my aunt n uncle-makcik Tie n pakcik Mie,Umi,my cousins-hidayah,k.watie,k.sally.geng2 mprm-jaja,ecah,knor,norlida,ina,mazni,adik ezreen yang kat japan skang,
zarina,linda,atok.Geng2 blog-sarah,gee,anita,zulina@tok,cg2 aku maser dari kindergarten sampai MPRM..thanks to all the support n i am proud to say..that i am also a CIKGU..
I maybe miss out many names tapi u r not forgotten..all the best to all d teachers..

This birthday wish goes to my loving mama who celebrates her 47th birthday today.tapi mama aku demam hari ini..hopefully she'll be better soon.mungkin mama tak baca post ni but juz want u to know mama,that i love u so much n thanks for everything..Saperla kaklong tanpa mama.Mmg kita kadang2 tak sependapat tapi kaklong hargai segala nasihat yang diberikan n kaklong sanjung tinggi segala pergorbananmu mama.semoga hidup mama bahagia n diberkati olehNya..InsyaAllah..

15 May, 2009

The greatest men in my life!!

My life is surrounded by many men.,,heheh!!i mean my family.semua lelaki kecuali my mom n i.

my darling hubby n syahmi..

1st man-my hubby is wonderful in many ways,he is a good listener tapi aku jer la yang duk bercakap.hubby aku likes to express the way he loves me through his attitude..n aku jer duk cakap i love u sokmo..heheh!!he did help me with the housework,kadang2 masak jugak tau kalu aku penat or got things to do..appreciate all the love n things u did to me..Hope kita mmg meant for each other n spend our life time together..

2nd man-My papa is a strict man tapi penyanyang sangat..u have no idea how 'bengkeng' he was maser aku kecik2 dulu.selalu gak aku n angah kena rotan dengan hanger baju tu dulu,,hahah!!n satu lagi kalu ada buat salah,kena dendaduduk luar rumah n biasernya malam la.biler dah besar ni,baru aku tahu why he did all that n aku bangga sebab ada ayah as great as him..aku jugak sanjung segala pengorbanan papa aku sehingga aku berjaya menjadi aku yang sekarang..hehehh!!

they r my greatest papa n mama..

3rd man-angah,he is a very loving and patient man.ske budak2 n ske layan anak teruna aku tu.selalu call n sms me tanya khabar.he has been very helpful n he always see things positively.kdg 2 aku terasa gak dgn dia tapi itu jarang3 berlaku.kalu aku mintak opinion,dia ,mesti bagi opinion yang best2 n positif..heheh!!hope dia akan habis belajar n pass with flying colours,have a good job n lead a good life..

4th man- adik,macam mamak skit coz hidungnya macam Mahathir,kata dia la.panas baran jugak kadang2 tapi cepat sejuk n sometimes membebel cam mak nenek(jangan marah yer?)tapi hati mmg super baik!mmg a car freak n kat umah selalu tolong papa aku taking care of the birds n fish yang dibela papa aku.heheh!!bangga gak coz dia antara yang paling pandai among aku n angah..banyak score A lebih dari aku n angah..(kembangla hidung dia kalu baca entry ni..heheh!!)sama gak wish-hope dia akan habis belajar n pass with flying colours,have a good job n lead a good life..

aku n mukhriz diapit angah (left) n adik (right)

5th man-this young man mmg favourite aku skang ni,my heart n soul..Dialah penawar n selalu buat aku ceria n happy..n dia jugak la buat aku pening kepala n susah nak handle kadang2 tu..tapi skang ni kalu mintak tolong amik n buat per2,mesti dia buat.makan mmg kurang tapi kalu ajar aper2,senang jugakla dia ingat aper aku ajar..satu jer aku harap dengan anak aku ni..be a good muslim boy,dengar kata ibu n ayah n hopefully membesar menjadi orang yang berilmu n lead a wonderful life n moga kita semua satu family diberkati olehNya..InsyaAllah..

recent picture of charming Syahmi..

p/s:do wait for the next special post juz untuk my loving mama..

13 May, 2009

It's you,Mommy..

Your 2-year-old now

You'll soon be noticing some changes in those scribbles. When a toddler first learns to make a mark on paper (around 12 to 15 months), it's all he can do to grasp the crayon — he used his whole fist to hang onto it. He progresses to being able to make straight lines and random squiggles, with most of the motion coming from his wrist. Around 2 1/2, though, a preschooler's fingers develop better dexterity. He can now grasp the crayon between his thumb and fingers. This gives him better control, and some recognizable shapes will start to appear on the paper: primitive stick people, circles, and rainbows.
Give your child lots of opportunity to use art materials. Provide different kinds: fat crayons, fat pencils and colored pencils, nonpermanent markers, sidewalk chalk, watercolor,
clay or Play-Doh. Don't get too caught up in the what of the art; it's the how that your child is focusing on now.

Your life now

Running out of ways to say "no" to your child? Here are some fresh alternatives:
  • Give him what he wants in fantasy: "I wish I could l buy all the dolls in this store for you! But I can't buy any dolls today. Should we take your baby doll or Raggedy Ann to the park today?"
  • Empathize: "I know how much you'd like to eat dessert first. That would be tasty! I bet the cake will taste good after supper, too."
  • Acknowledge and delay: "I see you don't want to leave. Let's go down the slide two more times before we go."
  • Go for the silly diversion: "Crayons are for writing on the paper, not the table ... Hey, look at this crazy crayon — I can't make it stop drawing circles!"

bought him play-dough n he enjoyed playing with it..

helped him to make the shapes..

introduced him the letter A using the dough..

loves drawing as well..heheh!!

Put it up on the fridge door..

Penyakit Kaki, Tangan dan Mulut (HFMD)


Penyakit Tangan, Kaki dan Mulut (HFMD) adalah penyakit jangkitan kanak-kanak bawah 10 tahun di mana lepuhan berisi air muncul di tangan, kaki dan dalam mulut. Tekak dan tonsil membentuk ulser kecil manakala tangan, kaki dan kawasan diaper (lampin) dijangkiti ruam dengan ciri-ciri vesikel (lepuhan kecil). Biasanya penyakit ini sederhana dan ruam sembuh dalam masa 5-7 hari.

HFMD disebabkan oleh virus (kumpulan enterovirus). HFMD merebak dari individu ke individu dengan kontak secara langsung melalui lelehan hingus, air liur, najis dan cecair ruam dari mereka yang dijangkiti.Sama ada orang dewasa mahupun kanak-kanak boleh dijangkiti, tetapi kanak-kanak di bawah 5 tahun adalah paling mudah dijangkitinya.

HFMD selalunya terjadi dalam kelompok kanak-kanak yang ditempatkan bersama. Ia merebak melalui tangan yang tidak dicuci bersih selepas melakukan penukaran lampin atau tersentuh air liur (drool) yang mana membolehkan virus berpindah daripada satu kanak-kanak ke kanak-kanak lain.

Tanda dan Gejala

    Ciri-ciri klinikal termasuk:

  • Demam
  • Sakit Tekak
  • Ulser pada tekak, mulut dan lidah
  • Ruam dengan vesikel (lepuhan kecil 3 - 7 mm) pada tangan, kaki dan kawasan diaper (lampin). Vesikel lazimnya pada tapak tangan dan tumit kaki dan ia antara ciri-ciri kemunculannya
  • Sakit kepala
  • Hilang selera makan


  • Biasanya tidak serius tetapi sebilangan kecil kes didapati merbahaya bila melibatkan sistem saraf dan jantung


Diagnosis dibuat oleh kebanyakan pengamal perubatan berdasarkan ciri-ciri unik munculnya lepuhan pada mulut, tangan dan kaki bagi kanak-kanak yang kelihatan sihat. Tiada rawatan khusus bagi jangkitan selain dari rawatan mengurangkan gejala-gejala. Rawatan menggunakan antibiotik tidak berkesan dan tidak diperlukan. Acetaminophen boleh digunakan bagi merawat demam.

Aspirin tidak seharusnya digunakan pada kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun semasa demam disebabkan virus. Air garam bagi membilas mulut (1/2 sudu garam bagi 1 gelas air suam) boleh melegakan kanak-kanak sekiranya mereka berupaya membilas mulut tanpa menelannya kerana tertelan air garam boleh menyakitkan.

Nasihat kepada Ibu Bapa / Penjaga

Ibu bapa / penjaga adalah diminta mendapatkan nasihat daripada doktor secepatnya jika anak mereka mendapat tanda-tanda HFMD. Mereka seharusnya peka kepada sebarang perubahan tingkahlaku anak-anak mereka seperti kerengsaan dan mengantuk. Jika mereka tidak mahu minum atau makan, muntah berterusan, atau mengantuk, ibu bapa / penjaga hendaklah segera membawa anak mereka ke hospital. Elakkan menghantar anak yang mempunyai gejala seperti di atas ke sekolah, pra sekolah atau nurseri. Sapu dan bersihkan hidung serta mulut anak dengan tisu dan buang tisu yang telah digunakan dengan sempurna.


Pencegahan melibatkan penjagaan kebersihan yang sepenuhnya. Ahli keluarga dinasihatkan supaya dapat mematuhi amalan kebersihan yang sempurna termasuk kerap mencuci tangan supaya dapat mengawal rebakan jangkitan.

  • Amalkan mencuci tangan secara konsisten menggunakan air bersih dan sabun sebelum menyediakan makanan, selepas keluar tandas, selepas menukar lampin dan mencuci najis.

  • Menutup mulut dan hidung bila batuk dan bersin.

  • Tidak menggalakkan berkongsi pakaian, tuala, perkakas makanan dan minuman serta mainan.

  • Ibu bapa / penjaga hendaklah memastikan diri mereka bersih terlebih dahulu sebelum menguruskan anak atau bayi mereka.

  • Bersihkan mainan, kerusi dan meja yang tercemar dengan air liur anak.

  • Anak-anak hendaklah dijauhkan daripada tempat awam yang sesak (seperti sekolah, pra sekolah, tempat mainan, pasar dan pengangkutan awam) sekiranya mereka mempunyai tanda-tanda jangkitan.

  • wajah baru..3

    Like i promised,here it is meja guru dalam SAL..

    Pentaksir kawasan Cg Hamedan came for a visit last monday.He is doing the SBOA test.

    cantik ke?

    12 May, 2009

    Love u Mama,tremendously..

    I guess i am not late for wishing this..Happy Mother's Day to all dedicated mothers out there.We should care n appreciate our mothers everyday.As for me,my mama played an important role in my life.I love her more n the love grows deeper n deeper every single day..I'll never forget all the love n support that she has given me.In fact,she still care about me even i am married now...Mama,i love u tremendously n only Allah knows how much i care about u!!

    p/s :For those my lady frens out there..yang belum kahwin,yang belum ada rezeki dapat BB,yang tengah pregnant,yang nak tambah lagi n yang ada anak mischievious macam aku ni..all the best for all of u..life is short..so live life to the fullest n be kind to others..

    05 May, 2009

    Wajah baru..2

    This is sambungan from the older post with the title wajah baru dated feb27th.Sebenarnya bukan aku sorang yang duk 'makeup' SAL tu.today's post aku akan imbas kembali cmner mula2 adanya bilik ni..n aku akan sebut nama2 cikgu2 yang terlibat secara langsung in this post.Bilik ini diasaskan Engku Muzaffar bin Engku Maharani..yang mintak SAL diwujudkan way back tahun 2004 rasernya.Rak2 buku yang macam dalam library n tons of books tu cg Engku itu la yang mintak dari CgAbdul Muin yang pgg Bilik Pusat Sumber at that time.masa tu aku terkebil2 lagi naku hanyalah cikgu bi yang mengajar tahap satu masa tu..heheh!!tak nak tunjuk terror n lebih2 lak..kukikukiki!!pastu bilik tu sama2 'dikerjakan' oleh cg2 bi yang silih berganti pindah n masuk ke sk aku ni..Kita tinggalkan tahun2 lain coz tak penting n here we r -2009.early this year mmg berterabur n aku mintak2 pekrja tolong kemaskan apa yang patut.masa cuti raya cina,aku,Shima,Azniza,K.Rahayu n Ku muzaffar datang kemaskan n cantikkan n decorated bilik tu.meja2 budak2,kami sama2 balut dengan tikar getah yang mmg kami beli..Pastu shima n azniza pasang ropol2 dekat meja budak n decorated softboard dalam bilik tu..masa school hours.aku beli plastik tuk letak on top of the tikar getah tu.picture garden tu shima yang lukis n paint..aku tumpang interprem jer..n aku kalu buat maybe tak cantik camtu..huhuhu!!!barang2 pun kami pakat beli sendiri n claim dengan pejabat.biler tgk shima asyik decorated bilik tu,aku plak naik excited n nak contribute.so,aku susun atur bilik tu semula dengan budak yr6.budak2 categorized the books n pun them on the bookshelves.buat nampak ada corners n nampak organized skit.meja2 besar n meja cikgu aku balut n letak ropol skit.aku tak pernah pun mintk org puji aku rajin or aku bagitau org aku buat this n that tapi aku nak nampak cantik jer.kalu ikut tak nak buat coz aku cadang next year nak transfer..Org lain pun decorate bilik tu gak.so,semua org buat kerja n semua org should get the credit kan?sedihla coz ada org kata aku seorang jer did a good job on SAL..shouldn't say that..The recent pics nak leh nak download dalam pc coz hubby aku bawak semua2 perkakas.dah la 3 hari hubby aku gi kursus n tinggalkan aku n syahmi jer..n all of the sudden,hati plak sedih..huhuhu!!

    masa ni tak balut lagi meja guru..

    budak2 aku syik interprem jer..
    softboard dah cantik n ni kononnya creative corner..

    p/s:do wait for the next post..sayang plak nak tinggalkan SAL ni kalu aku jadi pindah...


    Akum,em,rupanya lately blog aku dilawati oleh banyak org..well,bagus juga.tapi hari ni ada pengumuman aku nak buat.Hey,friends all over the world,,pasal bilik SAL tu,kan ke aku dah cakap..mmg sama2 buat n ari raya cina ari tu pun mmg sama2 datang MENCANTIKKAN bilik tu.bukan AKU buat sorang2 ok?..sumer ada contribution..cuma aku tak letak jer gambar2 yang kita ramai2 buat kerja dalam post tu..ada org terasa plak..Aku mintak maaf la.Post2 yang lain..itu adalah expression hati n perasaan aku.nak ngadu kat org,maybe org tak paham..so i wrote evrything in the blog.kalu ada readers yang tak puas hati or kecik hati,i do apologize.Honestly,aku banyak jaga hati org..tapi tak tau la kan coz dalam ramai yang suka,ramai juga yang benci.lumrah dunia.so,don't question to much about my blog.rasanya aku tak der la cakap kasar or dirty words kat org2.kan?Anyway,kawan2 n readers yang dikasihi sekalian,kalu u all enjoy reading my blog..thank u so much..tapi if u don't, i tak kisah n this blog dedicated to those who care n support me all the way..sekian,wassalam..

    03 May, 2009

    Here they r..

    Last week,like i mentioned in my previous post,my mother in law n adik2 hubby aku datang for a visit.sampai malam sabtu n spent 2 nites at our house.gi bawak jalan2 dekat2 ni jer..diaorg dah biasa datang K.Terengganu tapi first time datang dungun.On Saturday eve,gi pantai kemasik yang cantik dan damai itu..gi kejap jer coz dah lambat lepas gi kemasik,after that,singgah jap kat mesra mall.i bougt some stuff from popular,guardian n delicious donuts..yang macam dude makan tu..heheh!!mmg sedap..yummy!mak aku tu bukannya larat jalan lama2..so,lepas tu balik rumah..The next day,diaorang nak balik dah.hubby aku amik cuti but i didn't coz baru jer ambik cuti..Pukul 10.15,aku balik jap coz mmg diaorg plan balik masa tu.mak aku tu dah sebak n mula la nak nangis..mmg slalu gitu.kalu aku n hubby nak balik dungun dari kedah pun gitu gak..sebak sebab lambat lagi kalu nak jumper..aku pun sedih gak,,tapi buat cool jer la..heheh!!diaorg selamat sampai malam tu at 9.30pm..alhamdulillah...

    syahmi n i..by the beach..

    wow!what a nice view..

    my hubby's siblings,syahmi n i..


    nak balik dah..sedihnya..

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