20 May, 2009

BPA free?part 1..

How to Choose BPA Free Baby Bottles

Surely you can just turn the box over and read the label to find out what the bottle is made of, right? Wrong! Manufacturers are not currently required to label their products. That leaves parents wondering what to do next.
  1. Step 1

    First of all, what in the world is BPA?

    BPA is short for Bisphenol-a, a chemical that is actually an artificial estrogen. It is used to create the plastic called polycarbonate. Most major U.S. baby bottle manufacturers use BPA in their production, as well as many food storage containers and toys.

    Researchers have shown that even low levels of estrogen-mimicking BPA are harmful to animals and people, especially babies and young children. Many environmental scientists believe that Bisphenol-a may cause adverse health effects, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and early puberty.

  2. Step 2

    It all seems overwhelming as you stare at the myriad of bottles out there, doesn't it? Take a deep breath and relax. There are many wonderful resources available to help you find the perfect BPA free bottles.

    Start by reviewing the following guides:

    1) Smart Plastics Guide at www.healthobservatory.org/library.cfm?refid=77083

    2) How to Find Safer Baby Bottle Alternatives at www.squidoo.com/nontoxicbabybottles

    3) Safemama's BPA Free Bottle and Sippy Cup Cheat Sheet at www.safemama.com

  3. Step 3

    lesNow that you have an idea what your options are, let's narrow down the list of bottles a little further. Jot down your specific needs:

    1) Does your baby prefer a regular neck or wide neck bottle?

    2) Does your baby need a vented bottle to help reduce gas and spit up?

    3) Are you concerned about the cost and need more affordable BPA free bottles

  4. Step 4

    READY, SET, GO get those non-toxic bottles and start giving your baby an early health advantage today!

These are affordable baby bottles that I currently use for milk feeding..From what I've read,they r definately non-toxic n safe to be used..

p/s:do wait for the next post bpa free-part 2..

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