26 July, 2009

Read until u drop..people..

I have juz finished watching One Tree Hill n sedih skit citer malam ni..oo..u don't wanna know.I am not actually a tv lover but i do watch that 'clever box'(instead of stupid box..)whenever i'm free or yang best2 la..of course.So,i prefer to read..i'm not into novel that much as i prefer to read mags n paperback which full of colours n pics..such a kiddy rite?heheh!!Pics below are my collection of books that i have n haven't read.I love the material that beneficial to me..something that i can use in my daily life or to handle things rite..Despite of my bz schedule,i still managed to read at least a few pages a day..huuhu!!where got time??As a carrier woman,wife,mother ,daughter and friend..i got so many things to do..i wish i have more time to finish all those books..But i will..InsyaAllah..

It feels so good when i can relax and I usually spend a few minutes a day to read..
(click the pictures to see a larger image)

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