17 June, 2009

Kursus @ jalan2...

A week b4 school holidayz,i went for a course in KL..n after that i got the chance to jalan2' around KL.The best part was hubby n Syahmi tagged along.Luckily,angah(my brother) was there to accompany us.He took us to many exciting places.It was totally a bliss..Here r some photos that i'd like to share with all of u..

Some pictures during the course n nice views from our hotel room..

We went to IKEA n Aquaria..

Syahmi really enjoyed the moment..

Banyaknya ikan.!!

Ambik gambar lagi..

Mukhriz is definately a fish lover..

It was a giant turtle..

jalan2 at KLCC...

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