30 April, 2009


Does my child need to know the alphabet before he goes to kindergarten?

Your child should know the alphabet before kindergarten because she'll find school far less confusing if she already knows all her letters — but don't panic if she doesn't have all the letters down pat. There are many different ways to "know" the alphabet. At the simplest level, your child should be able to recite the alphabet, probably with the help of the alphabet song. Learning the alphabet song is fun but doesn't indicate any real understanding of the letters. Your child should know the names of the letters when you point to them, should be able to find letters in words by name, and ideally should be able to associate some of the letters with the sounds they make in words.

How do you "teach" the letters? Very slowly and very patiently: Work on one letter at a time. Spend at least a week or two on the letter. Here are some fun ways to teach the alphabet:

* Practice writing each new letter in sand or fingerpaint. * Form the letters in play dough, cookie dough, or pretzel dough. * Cut the letter out of sandpaper and glue it on cardboard. Trace over it. * Make a large letter out of paste on construction paper and have your child stick cereal, beans, dried noodles, or buttons on the wet paste. * Look for each new letter on cereal boxes, signs, newspapers, and books. * Circle the letter on the pages of magazines or newspapers. Start with capital letters and then move to lower alphabet case. * Make a matching game with pairs of cards made of the capital and lowercase letters. * Start an alphabet book allowing a page for each letter. Count how many times you see your letter during the day or during a car trip.

The biggest mistake most parents make is trying to do too much at one time and confusing their children. This project can take at least a year or perhaps even longer for some children; others pick it up much faster. And remember, don't worry if she hasn't mastered all 26 letters before school starts; the letters will be taught again in kindergarten.

29 April, 2009

PTK,school holidayz n the new house..

Cuti sekolah yang lepas,(outdated dah tapi tak per la ek?)my hubby n i planned to balik kg kedah but something else turned up..Hubby had things to be settled n i had to sit for PTK.so camner?so,i had to stay coz hubby kena balik kg awal.it was kinda sad coz tak leh ikut..kalu tak,bleh jumper family kat sana,bleh window shopping,bleh gi mph bookstore,nak gak gi tgk rumah aku yang dalam pembinaan tu,bleh visit sarah hatisha..heheh!!jadi hubby aku sorang jer la yang gi tgk rumah kami kat putrijaya tu.maser PTK lak ada gak jumper geng2 blog-dude,bugee,saper lagi..?heheh!!luckily,papa n mama took syahmi n i for makan-makan kat kelulut.best jugak.biaser gak makan dgn hubby kat situ..hari2 miss hubby n when he called,raser nak nangis jer coz he wasn't around..But anyway..i did enjoy myself and readers,do enjoy the pics..

view from the inside..

the front view..

my bedroom to be..

at the back of the house..

em..tak sabar nak tinggal sini..heheh!!


syahmi syik berkepit dengan ayah su jer..

my mama,adik and syahmi mukhriz..

ikan-ikan sebelum dimasak jadi santapan kami,.

20 April, 2009

Look!..how happy i am!!

Syahmi mukhriz is getting nakal n his development is on track jugak la...but still ada a few words cam bahser jerman n aku kdg2 susah nak fulfill aper yang dia nak coz tak paham.kadang2 buat paham n aku tanyer benda lain..mmg gitu sepatutnya tapi kadang 2 penat jugak nak layan..heheh!!kalu aku nak gi shopping barang dapur,ada time dia ok,,n ada tu dia meragam n shopping pun selalu kena rush.yesterday pun..tak bawak dia..cian plak kena tinggal kat pengasuh coz after skool terus pegi..jadik sempat ambik dia b4 four.adala aku beli mainan kat dia.tapi aper pun..he is still my heart n soul n kalu dah peluk tu,sayang sangat..n raser the luckiest mom in the world..

posing with a new cap..

tak sempat nak posing,,

hahahhah!!im the luckiest son in the world..

argh..laparnya!padahal makan ciput jer..heheh!!


Today is Monday..tak tau la..lately raser bosan jer n aku syik feel dizzy jer.my papa just got back from HK..n thanks to Allah coz he managed to get back to Msia safely..mesti ada ole2 untuk aku n syahmi n hubby..heheh!!at least yang itu buat aku raser happy.and of course kalu balik rumah ngadap muka hubby n syahmi..semua benda serabut hilang..cam magic!actually,banyak kerja lately..i do hang out with the peers n biler ngadap kerja balik,,raser tah per2 la.aku penat buat kerja..bukan tak suka dengan kerja tapi sometimes aku raser biler aku tak leh duduk n read..tak best rasernya.banyak benda aku settlekan..happy with that..tapi still aku tak der time for myself and..tahla..i feel that way..i love to read..n biler tak buat yang tu..aku raser tak best,,heheh!!ngarut jer kan?and Sarah..i am not mad at you la..tak pernah pung..love to have u as a friend..

em..this upcoming friday,my mother in law nak datang for a visit.best jugak coz they tak pernah lagi datang to our home sweeet home..Yesterday,kau n hubby gi carik bantal2..coz bantal2 kat rumah aku tak cukup..hahah!!saper2 nak datang..kena gi tau..coz kau nak kena shopping bantal lagi..hehheh!!

12 April, 2009

Fun activities to promote math skills

Sorting objects by shape, color, and size. Counting to ten. Recognizing groups and patterns. You can help your preschooler master these early math skills simply by playing games in and around the house. Forget the flashcards and number drills; if you want your child to love numbers, show him how math is part of everyday life and he'll be eager to learn more once he starts school.

Here are 12 fun ways to introduce your child to the world of math. Because children learn in different ways, they're arranged by learning style.

For the visual learner

Go on a number safari. When you're driving around town, have your child look for numbers in street and store signs, and on license plates. Call out the numbers as you find them. Your child should be able to recognize numbers up to ten before kindergarten.

Connect the dots. This old standby will help your child understand number sequencing; that is, that one is followed by two, two by three, etc. Bookstores are full of coloring books with connect the dot themes (and don't worry if your child only wants a Teletubby or Pok√©mon theme — it's all about the numbers right now).

Make a phone call.Write the phone number of a friend or relative down on a piece of paper. Have your child dial the number to give him practice reading numbers left to right.

Count everything around you. Count people standing in line, the number of steps to the library, the cracks in the sidewalk.

For the physical learner

Count and sort household items. Mix up the knives, forks, and spoons from the silverware drawer and have your child group them by type and count how many there are in each group. Do the same with your sock drawer (by color, by size), your child's stuffed animal collection (group the animals by big and small; put all the bears together). Have your child help you fold and sort laundry. How many socks are there? How many T-shirts? Have him divide them into groups.

Go on a shape search around the house. Look for squares, triangles, circles, stars — any kind of shape. Your child will be expected to recognize, draw, and manipulate shapes well into 1st grade (not to mention high school geometry!).

Play with shape puzzles and blocks. Manipulating three-dimensional objects — playing with a shape-sorter box, for example — will introduce your child to basic geometry as well as help develop his fine motor skills and spatial reasoning.

Make a counting book. This activity has a reading and a math component: With some help from you, have your child go through an old catalog or magazine and cut out all the items that start with the letter "A" and paste them onto a piece of construction paper. When you've gone through the list, count all the pictures on each page.

Make a game out of snack time. For example, give your child a handful of goldfish crackers, and draw a picture of a fishbowl on a piece of white paper. Put the fish in the fishbowl and have your child count them. Take one out, and count again.

Play pattern games. For example, give your child green and purple grapes. Have him arrange them in different patterns: purple, green, purple, green. Or green, green, purple, green, green. Look for patterns in nature: rings on a caterpillar, the whorl on a snail shell, or things that come in pairs such as eyes, ears, or two peanuts in a shell. This activity will develop your child's problem-solving skills and his ability to think abstractly.

For the auditory learner

Listen to counting rhymes and songs. "Three little monkeys jumping on the bed; one fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, 'No more monkeys jumping on the bed!' Two little monkeys jumping on the bed..." Any variation on this counting rhyme introduces basic subtraction. Look for children's games and music activity tapes such as the Wee Sing series that features songs about numbers.

Make a recipe with your child. Give your child the measuring cups and bowls and let him measure out the ingredients while you read the directions out loud. An easy — and delicious — way to introduce concepts such as volume and weight.

04 April, 2009

a year wiser3...

Sebenarnya banyak aku nak tulih tapi mmg tak sempat coz bz sket.em,bersempena dgn birthday aku tahun ni,sajer jer aku tempah kat tauke kantin mintak dia buatkan pulut kuning..kira nak jamu cikgu2 sk aku la..

mmg sedap..lauk ikan..

syahmi mmg ske makan pulut..

n a few days later,aku ada terima satu bungkus hadiah dari seseorang.tau tak saper?teringat kat tok biler aku citer pasal ni.rupanya 'besfren aku' yang bagi.pelik kan,camner bleh ada kat meja aku.rupanya cg sk aku aka ex-housemate aku ni terjumpa 'besfren aku'kat kerteh the day before.kata ex-housemate aku yang aku panggil za ni lagi,mereka jumper kat food court mesra mall.masa jumper 'besfren aku'ni dah sudah makan dgn hubby dgn anak2 dia(yang aku dah lama tak jumper).za dengan hubby dia baru nak mkan.kebetulan hubby za n hubby kawan aku tu mmg kenal n za mmg kenal kawan aku tu coz aku pernah bawak za gi umah kawan aku tu mase bujang dulu.then selepas bersalaman n bertegur sape,kawan aku tu went away dgn hubby n 2 tenteranya n za pun makang2 dengan hubby dia..tak lama tu muncul la kawan aku ni bawak something..kawan aku pesan bagi kat aku..kata za lagi,'agaknya dia gi beli hadiah ke awak kut'.by the time aku dapat hadiah tu,tak tau nak raser aper..tak terkata jugak..n dalam hati aku kata thanks dear..tapi aku tak der guts to call or mgs her to say that..jahatkah aku?tok..what do u think?coz tok ada komen maser post yang dulu tu.later that nite,kawan aku tu msg n wish aku..n i just replied 'thanks n happy belated to u too'..uwa!betulke tindakan aku ni..terseksa aku..

terharu ke nak raser camner ni?

bleh agak tak hadiah aper ni..bt way,thanks ecah..

01 April, 2009

Why do we read Quran?

Why do we read Quran, even if we can't understand a single Arabic word? This is beautiful story, enjoy reading...

An old American Muslim lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. Each morning
Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Qur'an. His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could.

One day the grandson asked,
"Grandpa! I try to read the Qur'an just like you but I don't understand it, and what I do understand I forget as soon as I close the book. What good does reading the Qur'an do?"

The Grandfather quietly turned from putting coal in the stove and replied,
"Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water."

The boy did as he was told, but all the water leaked out before he got back to the house.

The grandfather laughed and said,
"You'll have to move a little faster next time,"

He sent him back to the river with the basket to try again. This time the boy ran faster, but again the basket was empty before he returned home. Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was impossible to carry water in a basket, and he went to get a bucket instead.

The old man said,
"I don't want a bucket of water; I want a basket of water. You're just not trying hard enough,"

He went out the door to watch the boy try again. At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would Leak out before he got back to the house. The boy again dipped the basket into river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty.

Out of breath, he said,
"See Grandpa, it's useless!"

"So you think it is useless?"

The old man said,
"Look at the basket."

The boy looked at the basket and for the first time realized that the basket was different. It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and was now clean, inside and out.

"Son, that's what happens when you read the Qur'an. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you read it, you will be changed, inside and outside. That is the work of Allah in our lives."

Moral of the story : Read Al-Quran frequently as it will purify our heart. When we have pure heart, it is easy to do righteous and leave jahiliyah and badness in ourselves.

How can I make learning fun for my 2-year-old?

Q:How can I make learning fun for my 2-year-old?

Learning is inherently fun if we are allowed to have some choice in what we learn. And 2-year-olds are the hungriest learners in the world! But sometimes, we parents become overly anxious about our children’s own internal pattern of exploration and development of their skills. If we push too much or give too much direction to young children’s play—which is the way children learn—they will refuse to cooperate. Think of how many millions of children forced to sit on a piano bench and play scales who now refuse to go near a piano as adults! Do not interpret this example to mean that encouragement from the parents is not important, for it is crucial. But there is a fine line between encouragement and pushing, and we often step over that line with little awareness that we are doing so.

My guess is that your child is already learning a great deal—and enjoying it. Supply him or her with toys that allow skills to develop, and offer praise when you see progress. And be sure to play with your child some of the time; solitary play is not as appealing as play that is enjoyed with another person.

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