05 February, 2009

Are u ready..sayang..?

Sometimes i think Syahmi should be sent to a day care centre.He can make new friends n experience new things there.But i also have these thoughts b4 i send him there..will he cope with the new environment?will he mix around?will he behave himself?will he eat on time?eventhough he always skip meals nowadays..tahla..it is not an ez decision making u know..I want the best for him and i have to consider all those things b4 i make any decision.I read mother n bb mag juz now n i came across this article that boys should be sent to day care centre or tadika or somewhere at the age of 5 n my son is only 2 n 3 months old!i don't whether he is redy or not..but i'll never know until i give it a try..ingat nak jugak hantar tapi jauh jgk..dalam 20 mins baru sampai.Boys n girls are totally different..i mean the way they see n learn things.our child's gender influences the way he or she learns.It is true that children learn appropriate behaviour and attitude from family and the overall culture they grow up in..but this fact does not explain clearly why boys tend to be more interested in toys and moving part and girls in baby dolls and communication and the arts..So..jgn samakan anak2 lelaki dgn anak2 pompuan..coz they're unique in their own way..appreciate n love them juz the way they are..and u'll be amazed of what ur chilren are capable of doing..
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