26 December, 2008

honeymoon..(memang dah outdated!)

kiter nak gi maner ni?

raser cam duk oversea lak!!

wow!who's that girl?

Me and huby..

Its good to spend time with my hubby.these pics were taken on our honeymoon way back 2006. it was a bliss.we enjoyed every moment of it..love the place and the view but the hotel room was quite small..(tak padan dengan price!)but it was fun though..

Play time..

My son juz loves the playground esp the slide.whenever he sees the playground,he will pat at me and point it to the playground..

A few things about Syahmi Mukhriz..
1. fancy toys like car,lorry,bus and i end up buy a lot stuff like that for him.
2. loves watching Mickey Mouse ClubHouse on astro channel 613.love the way he pronounces the characters..Goofy is pronounced as Goey.
3. makan skit punya susah..but lately dah ok skit.awal cuti ari tu..poop pun selalu keras coz kurang minum air.i gave him multivits karihome and champ M with lysine..ade perubahan la.
4.anak ibu ni..dalam 2 tahun ni..tak pernah tinggalkan dia prgi kursus yang bermalam.selalunya..ade org yang ganti..haha!!
5.loves books of course..esp the books with animals in it..he knows how to make sounds of certain animals..
6.bile ade hingus,he will say nose..and i understand that dia nak tisu..

My loved ones..

This is a pic of my beloved family.it was taken on hari raya aidilfitri this year at kota bharu,kelantan,my hometown.I have two wonderful parents,2 lovely brothers and i'm the eldest.But it seems that i'm d smallest among them..hehe!!We r close to each other and biler bleh jumper..memang best!Now i have a family on my own..a superb hubby and cheeky and mishievious son..who is now 2 years old..
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