06 March, 2009

Juz hanging out!!

Today,i 'm at my parents house,went back here yesterday..spend the weekend here la.luckily i got the chance to write this post..hehe!!hubby gi kuala berang for kursus kejurulatihan pusat ko for three days started yerterday.my papa flew off this morning to sarawak for 4 dayz on biz trip.so,tinggal myself,syahmi,mama n adik jer.Angah maybe balik from KL tonite..lepas kerja ptg ni,fly over to KT.aku tak der nak wat per..juz hanging out..coz dah penat working..heheh!!

For tomorrow,will be visiting kak su,my ex colleague who gave birth to a cute bb girl last december.then maybe off to pizza hut,celebrating angah's belated bday.it's been ages tak makan pizza.SO..let's pizza!!

adik loves taking pic of his lovely nephew..

at my parents'

sengih sokmo!!
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