08 January, 2009

Ice-Cream anyone?

Em..yummy!!sedapnya ice-cream.i bet many of us love ice-cream..isn't it?

what kind of flavours you fancy the most?.well,there r vanilla,choc,strawberry n etc.i love all of them.it's easy to get them.juz go the mall,and u can choose from lots of flavours n brands..juz name it!and i know the price is quite expensive..am i rite?DO U KNOW THAT WE CAN MAKE ICE-CREAM AT HOME?HOMEMADE ICE-CREAM IS MUCH CHEAPER N EZ TO MAKE!

here's how to make a delicious yet ez homemade ice-cream..

these r the basic:
1.fresh milk(can use low fat or full cream milk)
2.milk powder or coffeemate
3.caster sugar.

4.and u can add any fruit u like such as strawberry or dragon fruit..
5.place all the basic ingredients n ur desired fruits into a blender n blend sekejap je..
6.u can try this too..basic ingredients + desired fruit eg strawberry + cheesecake!em..
7.all done,place the ingredients into a container n freeze it for 8 hours..
8.u can serve it in a nice bowl n decorate with (biskut panjang yang ada stripes tu..look like rokok tu.)..VOILA!!


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