26 July, 2009

Read until u drop..people..

I have juz finished watching One Tree Hill n sedih skit citer malam ni..oo..u don't wanna know.I am not actually a tv lover but i do watch that 'clever box'(instead of stupid box..)whenever i'm free or yang best2 la..of course.So,i prefer to read..i'm not into novel that much as i prefer to read mags n paperback which full of colours n pics..such a kiddy rite?heheh!!Pics below are my collection of books that i have n haven't read.I love the material that beneficial to me..something that i can use in my daily life or to handle things rite..Despite of my bz schedule,i still managed to read at least a few pages a day..huuhu!!where got time??As a carrier woman,wife,mother ,daughter and friend..i got so many things to do..i wish i have more time to finish all those books..But i will..InsyaAllah..

It feels so good when i can relax and I usually spend a few minutes a day to read..
(click the pictures to see a larger image)

24 July, 2009


I don't know what went wrong as i couldn't upload the images using my laptop..and i use PC to upload this pics..Can u spot the difference?what's more..there are no buttons at all..all gone..uwa!!dude!!help!Luckily..i still can open n read my blog..

kena virus ker??

It had the words-(Il avait les mots)

Sheryfa Luna..

He had the words-(Il avait les mots)-

It really was older than me.
I very foolishly fell into his arms.
Through him, I discovered that I did not know.
He seemed sincere, I loved her for thatWhat has always bothered me
Is that at evening i could spoil him
But, since he talked to me
I stopped it.

He had the words
He made me an addict
I already saw
The alliance in his arms
He had the words
He made me an addict
I didn’t know
That i didn’t know him
He had the wordsI hadn’t a life anymore
I only thought about him
Even if i ?
That he often lied.

He was losing himself in what he was telling
He was mistaken when he said that he loved me
And i put up with it
I forgave.
In his box i found toys
I ? that his ex continued to call him
And what did he hide?
I discovered him.

He had the words
He made me an addict
I already saw
The alliance in his arms
He had the words
He made me an addict
I didn’t know
That i didn’t know him
He had the words

I have followed him to his house
House pet and dog of company
House *****, you can immediately imagine the family life
Throughout this time, i was wrong
I was wrong.

His woman surprised me, she has immediately come to confess me
That i haven’t been the first one with whom he amused himself
Throughout this time, i was wrong
I was wrong.What has always bothered me
Is that at evening i could spoil him
But, i doubted
But I stopped it.

He had the words
He made me an addict
I already saw
The alliance in his arms
He had the words
He made me an addict
I didn’t know
That i didn’t know him
He had the words...

23 July, 2009

Love this!!

I am totally crazy with this drama series which now airs on 8tv,every Sunday..10 p.m.The drama has everything..love,friendship,family..juz name it..I had watched the previous season n it was splendid..The drama tells the journeys of those who hail from the town of Tree Hill have been vast, from Lucas's tentative steps off the riverfront basketball court into high school popularity and now, four years later, publishing novels; from Nathan and Haley's first kiss to marriage, and a son; and from Peyton and Brooke's deep friendship to their estrangement and back.

fancy all the characters esp the couple..Peyton(blonde hair) and Lucas(blue sweater)..

21 July, 2009

Shopping raya dah ke?

Yesterday was great..cuti sempena hari keputeraan terengganu.After having breakfast,this sentence came out from my hubby's..Jom..g kuantan?em,let me think..Ok gak,i said..heheh!!Actually,i thought of taking syahmi to mini zoo in kemaman since syahmi loves animals so much..maybe next time la cayang ek?so,off we went to Kuantan..juz went to these two places..Giant for lunch n East Coast Mall..for some shopping.My hubby ended buying himself a shirt,me-several heels(murah giler..n ada size aku!heheh!!)n Syahmi-hari raya shoes..Tu jer..Before headed back,dropped by at Baskin-Robbins for some ice-creams..i longed to try it and it tasted..soooo..yummylicious!!we bought the cheapest ice-cream which is Rm5.50 each..(sigh)tapi takper sebab sedap..heheh!!by 8.30p.m sampai paka n grabbed roti canai for dinner..n headed home after that..it was tiring but we had fun though..

syahmi joined the children playing while hubby n i had lunch.

syahmi n i were having ice-creams n the small pics are the stuff we bought at the mall..

19 July, 2009

Show ur love..

A $10,000 birthday party? Nah... Making your child feel loved and special can be as simple as rolling around on the floor with them! Read on to find age-by-age suggestions.

Birth to 6 months old

"Use both touch and voice," says Julie Watson Smith, family and business lifestyle coach "For example, say, 'I love your toes because they have the cutest little toenails on top,' and while doing that you touch your child's toes. Continue with knees, hands, elbows, chin, nose, eyes ... you get the idea." Other ideas: play peekaboo, sing lullabies, give soft massages, play stick-out-your tongue games.

6 to 12 months old

"Play 'I'm gonna get you,' and rollick on the floor with your baby when you 'catch' her," says Jennifer Brown, a child and disability mental health specialist. Also, she adds: "Make up songs with your child's name in them. Then stick these songs around the house to make your child feel special for years to come."

12 to 18 months old

"Give horse rides on your lap with surprise drops and catches ("ride a little pony, down to town, ride a little pony, might ... fall ... down!")," says Brown. "The little silly songs and games teach children about predictability, and about a beginning, middle, and end. It allows them to anticipate."

18 to 24 months old

"Create your own bedtime stories with your child as the hero to spotlight his special traits," says Smith. "Really, who can resist 'Super Peanut-Butter-and Pickles Boy,' right?"

"This is a key time to find every chance to say yes," adds Brown. "There are so many 'no's' in toddlerhood. Is he scooping up his food like an animal at the dinner table? Make silly plans to have a 'doggy party' later in the day, and eat cereal (Jell-O or yogurt if you are adventurous!) from a bowl outside, and giggle at the wonderful mess doggies make (while outside, and not at the table, of course!)."

2 to 4 years old

"Turn tasks into fun," says Dr. Linda Miles. "Arrange a germ attack and run around with a sponge. Knock on the kitchen door and warn the germs that you and your child are coming to get them. Give your child a cloth and let them go after the germs."

"Create a home art gallery to spotlight your child's personal masterpieces," says Smith. "Then invite family and friends over for a special evening with the artist."

4 to 6 years old

"Start an appreciation board," says Sarah Newton, a parenting coach in the U.K. "Each day, put a word or a sticker on the board and tell your kids what you appreciate about them. Then have them do the same for other people in the family."

"Kindergartners love to step into the role of a bigger kid," adds Smith. "Let them express themselves as big kids by allowing them to set some rules or establish new traditions, such as a little later bedtime, mommy or daddy and child date night, or even ice cream for breakfast Sundays."

6 to 8 years old

"Start a fun bowl in the house," adds parenting coach Newton, explaining that you can fill the bowl with fun, spontaneous ideas for your kids when they say "I'm bored." You might make crepes for dinner or have a jump rope in the backyard. "Above all, spend time with them. Have television-free hours where you are all just together."

"Blow up a big picture of your child and each day stick a word on it that represents a quality you respect about him," adds Newton. "For example, 'caring' or 'funny.'

Syahmi Mukhriz and his funny faces.."i love u ibu.."he loves to say those 4 words..eps before he goes to bed every nite..mmuahh..i love u too Ami..i replied..hehehe!!

For kids,two languages can be as easy as one..

Thu, Jul 9, 2009 (HealthDay News) -- European researchers are contesting the assumption that bilingual toddlers have more trouble learning language skills than children who know just one language.

"While the remarkable performance of children acquiring one language is impressive, many children acquire more than one language simultaneously," said study author Agnes Melinda Kovacs, a research fellow at the International School for Advanced Studies, in Trieste, Italy. "As bilingual children presumably have to learn roughly twice as much as their monolingual peers [because they learn two languages instead of one], one would expect their language acquisition to be somewhat delayed. However, bilinguals pass the language development milestones at the same ages as their monolingual peers."

The finding, which appears online July 9 in Science, came from a test of the responses to verbal and visual cues from 64 babies who were 12 months old. They came from monolingual and bilingual families, although the study did not specify which languages the families spoke.

The toddlers were exposed to two sets of words that had different structural characteristics. After each word, the children viewed a special toy on either the left or right side of a screen, depending on the word's structure. They then were presented with words they had never heard before but that conformed to one of the two verbal structures. No toy followed.

Researchers determined whether the infants had learned the word structures by measuring the direction of their gaze after hearing each new word. Judging by their eye movements, the bilingual kids did better in recognizing words than their monolingual peers.

"We showed that pre-verbal, 12-month-old, bilingual infants have become more flexible at learning speech structures than monolinguals," Kovacs said. "When given the opportunity to simultaneously learn two different regularities, bilingual infants learned both, while monolinguals learned only one of them."

This means, she said, that "bilinguals may acquire two languages in the time in which monolinguals acquire one because they quickly become more flexible learners."

According to the study, the cognitive pathways developed during the learning of two languages might make bilingual children more efficient in acquiring new information.

Earlier research has often confirmed the benefits of learning more than one language. In a 2004 Canadian study, for example, researchers found that bilingual speakers were more proficient at dealing with distractions than those who spoke only a single language. That ability was even more pronounced for older people, suggesting that multilingualism might help elderly speakers avoid age-related cognitive problems.

A significant percentage of humanity speaks more than one language. In the United States, more than 18 percent of the population aged 5 and older speaks a language other than English at home, according to the 2000 U.S. census.

One child psychologist who read the Italian study found the results intriguing and said she would like to see further research on how children learn different languages, especially ones with different tonal structures, such as Chinese and English.

"We now know, thanks to [functional MRI] studies that allow us to observe the working brain, that learning does result in discrete changes in 'wiring,'" said Marta Flaum, whose practice in Chappaqua, N.Y. specializes in diagnosing and helping children with dyslexia and other language handicaps. "It would make sense that learning a second language affects brain changes as well."

However, Flaum said, "we know that the young brain is more plastic than the older brain, making it easier to learn at an earlier age''

syahmi d adorable..

16 July, 2009


suasana sebelum berlari n pic of aku n kak ayu dear..

hungga..jangan tok hungga..(this is actually a kelate dialect..)hehehe!!

makan time..budak2 n aku,kak noriada,kak ayu makan aiskrim with roti..yummy!

hadiah2 yang menanti..syahrizal budak comel ni nak bergambar la plak..

sessi penyampaian hadiah..n hijau sebagai juara keseluruhan..tahniah!!

Hungga..hungga..jangan tok hungga!heheh!!(hanis,,u definately understand this,don't u?)Dan hari ni plak diadakan pertandingan Merentas Desa..Kali ni,semua murid2 terlibat n aku ditugaskan menjadi hakim penamat..Budak2 semuanya seronok berlari tapi ramai gak yang pancit tengah jalan..Takper la coz next year bleh cuba lagi.Start aroud 8.30 am habis berlari around 10.30 am.Selepas tu,budak2 dijamu dengan aiskrim n roti..as for me..wow!bestnya askrim,.heheh!!im an ice-cream addict!Cikgu2 pun join makan sama+makan nasi minyak di kantin.Soon after that,majlis penyampaian hadiah diadakan di dataran n kemenangan keseluruhan jatuh kepada rumah hijau..Congrats!Rumah aku rumah biru jatuh naib johan ..ok ler tu..Aperpun,everyone had a blast n tq to all for making this 'Merentas Desa' event a success n hope to experience this event again next year..InsyaAllah..

Netball n Handball Matches inter houses..

Minggu ni kiranya macam minggu sukan la.banyak aktiviti diadakan untuk budak2 SKRKBB1 ni.Pada hari selasa yang lepas,budak2 bawah 11 tahun main netball lawan antara rumah..semuanya berjalan dengan baik..n budak2 mmg seronok main plus bleh belajar peraturan2 permainan netball.Match diadakan secara liga n kemenangan berpihak kepada rumah Kuning..Pada hari yang sama,perlawanan bola sepak antara rumah bawah sebelah tahun juga diadakan tapi aku tak dapat ambik gambar coz jadi referee untuk netball match,,aku dah mintak budak ambik gambar tapi biler aku check,takder satu pun gambar2 budak2 main bola sepak..huhuhu!!keesokan harinya plak,perlawanan bola baling inter houses diadakan tapi aku tak gi tengok due to xtra class n takderla gambar perlawanan tersebut..but anyway..do enjoy da pictures..that i managed to capture..

bestnya main..sebelah padang sana,budak2 lelaki main football..

aku,k.fatimahwati n kak zana jadi pengadil perlawananan..

13 July, 2009

Behave urself..sweet heart..

When can I start teaching my child manners?

My toddler refuses to say "please" and "thank you." When and how can I teach her some manners?

Expert Answers

Susanne Ayers Denham, developmental psychologist

She might not be ready to use manners flawlessly — that's asking a lot of a toddler. But starting small can yield big results later on.

First, stick with the basics. Saying "please" and "thank you" are fairly new skills for toddlers, and they take time to learn. Start with this as a first step toward politeness, and move on from there.

Second, practice what you preach. As you probably know by now, kids are always watching, listening, and learning from us — especially when we least expect it. The best way to encourage a toddler to behave nicely is to model good manners yourself. Make sure you're saying "please" when asking something of your child and partner, and thank them when they do nice things for you.

Third, accentuate the positive. Rather than scolding your toddler when she forgets her manners, pour on the praise when she's behaving the way you want her to. Tell her that she seems so grown up when she says "please" and "thank you," and that people appreciate it. While it's disappointing when our kids are rude to others, blowing up about it could cause her to resist your efforts to teach considerate behavior. You want your toddler to exert her independence and "grown-up-ness" by showing off her good manners — not by refusing to use them.

Finally, be consistent. As soon as your toddler is usually saying "please" and "thank you" at home, nudge her to do so with others, too. Toddlers like consistency, and a rule that applies only to certain situations will be confusing and become difficult to enforce.

syahmi was in a happy good mood,doing his best to give some splendid pictures..hehehe!!

12 July, 2009

Birthday present in advance..

Well..Syahmi enjoys riding so much and since his old ride-on toy bike dah rosak sterengnya..i have replaced it with the new one .He is so thrilled to ride his new ride-on toy that i bought a few days ago..Didn't mean to spoil him but more to boost his motor skills..Actually,i thought of buying this toy for his upcoming birthday tapi takper la..maybe a good book will do just fine for his birthday present.His first ride-on toy was bought by his grandpa..n dah rosak sterengnya coz letak kat luar n kadang berhujan berpanas.And now Syahmi is able to ride his fave ride-on toys inside n outside the house..like he used to..hehe!!Yang lama letak luar n yang baru main dalam rumah..zoom sana..zoom sini..

bestnya..i pun try naik..nasib baik tak terbalik..hehehehe!!

07 July, 2009

Pre-Trial UPSR..

UPSR Pre-Trial started on sunday n ended today..everthing went well and biasala..hoping ramai will get 5As..So far,only 2 pupils managed to get 5As in previous test..My GB has helped a lot as he also 'turun padang' mengajar all the yr 6 pupils..i have marked a few papers n hope the result will put a big smile on my face..heheheh!!InsyaAllah..

p/s:aku tak ambik gambar la coz i was not in d mood to snap any pic lately..

Happy Sweet 17!!

This birthday wish goes to my dear youngest bro..ADIK.His birhday was yesterday n i did wish him via sms..hehehe!!i couldn't do this special post yesterday as the line was not doing good until today..sorry adik..Dapat hadiah aper tahun ni?kaklong wish u all the best for ur upcoming spm and hope things go smoothly like u always wanted..May Allah bless u and our family..

this is ur birthday cake..ok tak?

and this is ur expensive present..like it?..hehehe!!!

01 July, 2009

best ni nak citer ni..

Aku ada baca tag bugee tadi..menarik jugak..ngantuk dah nak pukul 11 tapi bulehla layan jap jawab tag mu ni bugee..Penat coz pagi sampai 2.30 ada bengkel+taklimat untuk ketua panitia BI daerah Dungun n Kemaman..aku gi dengan hubby tadi..heheh!!tapi sebelum aku jawb tag mu ni bleh dok aku nak luahkan rasa hati skit..?bleh arr..
citernya gini..aku dapat tahu sesuatu yang menusuk jantung aku..sob..sob..coz org yang aku sangka bleh kongsi idea n bagi komen membina rupanya tak macam tu.Rupanya dalam aku duk bersantai sambil menikmati panorama pantai n tak mau missed ape yang Syahmi Mukhriz buat n main di kem last weekend,ada org bising plak..Nape tak bagitau aku sendiri..npe mesti aku dengar dari mulut org lain..katanya aku tak masuk pun jenguk budak2 dalam dewan..aku tak tau la.tapi ada la a few reasons why i didn't..Tak mau create alasan tapi alasan yang aku ada mmg bleh diterima tapi aku tak nak reveal la..sedih arr..uwa!!korang bleh x teka n bagi aku alasan cadangan..heheh!!

ok..back to tag bugee ni...

1. When do you get your driving licence?
well,aku dapat lesen masa aku dah start ngajar..dalam tahun awal 2003..masa tu aku baru jer posting..Aku tak pernah pun curik2 bwak keta papa aku..masa tu motosikal pun tak reti naik..basikal pandai..heheh!!tapi skang aku ada lesen keta n lesen motor..

2. Your first car is...?
yang belah kanan tu..TAE 1834.

3. What type is your car now?
gen 2 n kancil..sebab aku dengan hubby gilir2 pakai..jadi dua-dua org miliki dua-dua keta la..tak gitu?
adik aku ambik gambar ni masa kat kedah..gambar keta kancil tak der la plak..

4. Do you choose your plate number or was it given?
running plate ler...ambik plate wilayah untuk gen 2 tu..kancil silver tu amik tahun lepas.asalnya satu jer(gen 2)..pastu hubby selalu gi kursus n aku susah nak gi hantr syahmi to his nanny's n gi kedai..jadi adopt la kancil tu...

5. What is the color of your car?
gen 2- oren n kancil-silver..

6. Reveal 3 most important things in your car.
mesti ada car seat anak aku,ada bantal untuk anak aku tido,tisu n aku tambah yang ke 4..cd lagu biler dah takder siaran radio..heheh!!coz aku n hubby prefer dengar radio..

7. Have you ever got yourself into accident?
..penah sekali masa aku bujang...aku reversed keta n then langgar depan keta org..nak dijadikan citer,owner kete tu adik cg sk aku n dia datang carik aku kat umah..huhuh!!nasib baik dia tak mintak ganti rugi(mungkin sebab aku perempuan..hehe!!)..dia datang melawat aku n kancil aku jer..

8. When is the due for your insurance & road tax?
gen2-bulan 12 n kancil bulan 4..

9. Do you plan to change your car?
aku nak ambik MPV kalu ada rezki..n untuk kedua2 keta tu..tak pikir lagi nak jual or camner...

10 . Let's make your friend do this too. Who would you choose?
aku nak kak ayu,kak fatimahwati,hanis n ayuni plak...bleh?

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