12 May, 2009

Love u Mama,tremendously..

I guess i am not late for wishing this..Happy Mother's Day to all dedicated mothers out there.We should care n appreciate our mothers everyday.As for me,my mama played an important role in my life.I love her more n the love grows deeper n deeper every single day..I'll never forget all the love n support that she has given me.In fact,she still care about me even i am married now...Mama,i love u tremendously n only Allah knows how much i care about u!!

p/s :For those my lady frens out there..yang belum kahwin,yang belum ada rezeki dapat BB,yang tengah pregnant,yang nak tambah lagi n yang ada anak mischievious macam aku ni..all the best for all of u..life is short..so live life to the fullest n be kind to others..
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