07 July, 2009

Pre-Trial UPSR..

UPSR Pre-Trial started on sunday n ended today..everthing went well and biasala..hoping ramai will get 5As..So far,only 2 pupils managed to get 5As in previous test..My GB has helped a lot as he also 'turun padang' mengajar all the yr 6 pupils..i have marked a few papers n hope the result will put a big smile on my face..heheheh!!InsyaAllah..

p/s:aku tak ambik gambar la coz i was not in d mood to snap any pic lately..

Happy Sweet 17!!

This birthday wish goes to my dear youngest bro..ADIK.His birhday was yesterday n i did wish him via sms..hehehe!!i couldn't do this special post yesterday as the line was not doing good until today..sorry adik..Dapat hadiah aper tahun ni?kaklong wish u all the best for ur upcoming spm and hope things go smoothly like u always wanted..May Allah bless u and our family..

this is ur birthday cake..ok tak?

and this is ur expensive present..like it?..hehehe!!!

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