31 December, 2009

2010-a better year for everyone..

  • Bismillah..
  • It's been ages since my last post..Banyak benda nak citer ni..
  • 2009 is not-so-bad year for me,hoping 2010 is gonna be a better year for me n for everyone as well.
  • wishes n resolution mmg banyak n better juz keep it myself..nanti ada yang tak tercapai,malu plak..tambah2 lagi last year punya pun tak kesampaian lagi..
  • maybe a bit more focus n serious..hehe!!bleh ke?let me tell u something..actually my focus is a bit 'tersasar' kalu aku banyak sangat gelak n kepala mudah pening..tah.it happened lately..
  • kalu tenang skit n serius skit,maybe all the work might be done in seconds!!
  • macam biasa..nak jadi the best among the best!nak jadi perfectionist rasa macam tak mampu but i can be at my best!
  • itu jerla kut..rasa tahun ni i just go slow with the flow..tak nak kalut sngt like previous year.
  • solat on time..kdg2 lambat jugak..
  • harap2 lebih dicintai n disayangi selalu oleh hubby n family..n syahmi pun membesar sihat,pintar n cerdas,..InsyaAllah..
  • hopefully hubungan aku dgn kawan2 lebih baik n saling memahami antara satu sama lain..
  • apa yang pasti apa yang aku nak buat tu dapat pahala,rezki halal,n diberkati Allah SWT..

24 November, 2009

Private VS Public School?

When you were old enough to begin kindergarten, chances are you went to the public school around the corner, or perhaps to the religious school a short bus ride away. For your parents, the choice of schools was probably pretty simple.

Not any more. Today education is a complex and compelling topic in our national dialogue. Questions about school quality, accountability, curriculum, and teacher training arise each day, and we explore them in the newspapers, during political debates, and over kitchen tables all across the country.

What this means for you, as you try to decide on the best school for your child, is that you have to do your homework. Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. To do a good job, you have to educate yourself so you can be a savvy consumer. That means researching, networking, and making sure that you understand all the choices available to you and your child.

Even the distinction between public and private schools is no longer as straightforward as it once was. It may well be that your local public school is a better educational match for your child than an exclusive private school with a national reputation and a price tag to match. And although some research shows that private schools tend to have superior academic programs, this isn't always the case — and the gap may be narrowing. Despite their sometimes negative press, public schools are actually getting better. "If you want a good, general, all-around education, a really strong public school might be your best bet," says Ellen Booth Church, a New York-based consultant in early childhood education.

At the same time, however, private school may be more affordable than you ever realized, and shouldn't be ruled out on financial grounds alone.

To help you make your decision, here are some of the advantages of public and private schools.

The benefits of public schools

Teachers have more qualifications. According to a major study from the National Center for Education Statistics, public school teachers tend to be more qualified than their independent school counterparts in terms of education and experience. For example, they're more likely to have a master's degree, and to have logged more hours pursuing in-service study — learning, for example, how to use computers in the classroom. The report also indicates that on average, public school teachers earn higher salaries than those in private schools do.

Students spend more time studying core subjects. The same study reports that public school students study core subjects — including English, math, social studies, and science — three more hours per week than private school students.

Public schools can sponsor more activities. When it comes to offering extra-curricular sports and clubs, academic support, and better supplies and learning tools, public schools have the edge. Why? Most public schools are simply bigger than private schools, and have enough students to pull off a science fair or power a chorus or computer club. What's more, federal and state laws require public schools to provide diagnostic and disability services. Public schools are more likely to offer gifted and talented and remedial programs, too.

The student population tends to be more diverse. A private education is usually out of reach for poorer students, which means that it's less likely to introduce your child to children of various races and socioeconomic backgrounds. If you want your child to know children from all walks of life, then a public school is for you.

The advantages of private schools

Schools and classes tend to be much smaller. According to the National Center for Education Statistics study, private schools tend to be half as large as public schools. Many experts feel that children are less likely to get lost in the shuffle if they attend a smaller school, which naturally nurtures a sense of community and belonging. In addition, the teacher-student ratios in private schools tend to be more favorable, says the National Association for Independent Schools. On average, private schools have a student-teacher ratio of 9:1 as opposed to about 17:1 in public schools.

There's often less bureaucracy. Because private schools don't have to abide by certain state regulations, they spend less time on mandated paperwork and more on instruction. They also are not compelled to focus on test scores. As a result, teachers tend to enjoy more autonomy in the classroom and have more creative control over their teaching methods.

Parent involvement is strong. Not only do private schools encourage parents' participation, but it's also true that the parents of private school students tend to be extremely committed to having a say in their child's education.

Note: Private schools are not required to comply with state laws concerning special needs students. Many private schools do accommodate students with special needs, but they aren't required to by law as public schools are. If you have a special needs child, make sure that your child's physical and behavioral needs will be met.

ske sangat bleh main play-doh ni..kalu gi sekolah n tgk benda2 ni harap2 dia enjoy nak gi sekolah..InsyaAllah..

16 November, 2009

Makan-makan @5Dedikasi..

Ha..makan lagi!!minggu ni mmg banyak jamuan especially jamuan kelas.aku plak tak ketinggalan menjamu murid2 kelas aku n cikgu2 yesterday.Duit kutip dari murid2 n the rest aku tambah.Budak2 makan meehon goreng n ayam goreng..Menu cikgu2 plak..kuzi ayam cicah dgn roti n meehoon goreng+makanan lain..Alhamdulillah ramai yang datang n mmg gamat suasana..Tq guys for coming.Habis jer jamuan at 11 lebih..aku plak bergegas ke PPD..coz ada taklimat sampai petang..penat-penat..

Makanan best tak?best kan??

cikgu-cikgu tengah menjamu selera..

p/s:actually petang tu ada majlis perasmian nama baru sekolah kami...tapi aku tak dapat hadir due to taklimat at PPD..nama baru?nanti aku buat a special post about it..

Jamuan Akhir Tahun di UiTM Dungun..

Last Thursday,we had a 'jamuan' at UiTM Dungun.Mmg best makanan kat sini n ada aku tgk cikgu2 sampai tambah makanan yang sama twice!!..hehe!!aku plak cuba semua tapi skit2.yer ker?kuikuikui!!Yang sedihnya,one of us @my ex housemate masa bujang dulu will be transfered to Kt next year..tapi nak buat camner..kita semua ada life masing2 kan?Anyway,tahniah to Azniza sebab dapat tukar.Tahun lepas dapat tapi tahun ni aku tak lucky enuff untuk dapat cabutan bertuah..huhuhu!!takperlah..tahun depan ada lagi..InsyaAllah!!Enjoy the pics!!

lovely me!!

posing sebelum makan,hampers for the teachers n my Gb was giving his speech..

aksi-aksi cikgu-cikgi sepanjang majlis..

28 October, 2009


  • Got the first CROCS slip-on as a birthday present from beloved papa n started to fancy them since then.
  • Have visited a few boutiques in Kuantan n Kedah tapi bukan semua kedai ada yang menarik dari segi rupa n warna.The sales people did say that all CROCS shoes with the bright colours can match with any of ur outfit but still kena pandai matching jugak kan?
  • It is very comfy n super light too!
  • Sedihnya budak2 sekolah kata aku pakai selipar jepun tapi takperla n sia2 jer kalu aku gaduh dengan budak2 kan?
  • Bought a new pair recently n i wore it to school.A few pupils n teachers noticed my new blue shoes n they loved it.It was worth buying eventhough ada jugak budak kata aku beli kat pasar malam yang harga rm10..huhuhu!!
  • thought of buying this CROCS for Syahmi jugak..tapi takder lagi yang berkenan..
  • tapi tak semua org ske this kind of shoes..tepuk dada tanya selera..

My CROCS collection..Sports Adara n Havana.

Birthday party!!

Last week on Sunday,oct18th,i threw a birthday party for hubby n Syahmi at my parents'.Since their birthday fall on the same month..so gabung jer.simple jer this year compared to previous year..just among the family.Ingat nak buat the next weekend tapi memandangkan angah ada..terus plan n terus on.My mama cooked some fried meehoon..n papa,adik,angah n hubby pakat2 bakar ayam...I helped mama in the kitchen.Petang start bakar n after maghrib kami start makan..AWESOME!!Later that nite,aku,hubby n syahmi headed to Dungun coz esoknya dah mula sekolah..It was simple tapi mmg best sambut dengan family..rasa disayangi n dihargai selalu..LUV U GUYS ALWIZ!!

Syahmi was excited to see the birthday cake..

dah pandai tiup lilin n dah paham birthday tu ape..

acara memotong kek..

acara suap menyuap kek..hehehe!!

during syahmi's 2nd birthday last year+makan2 hari raya.buat kat umah kami di Dungun n jemputan adalah dikalangan jiran2 tetangga..the best part was,aku ada buat party packs for the kids..juadahnya meehon goreng,kuzi ayam cicah roti n kuih2 raya la.tetamu khas semestinya family aku tapi kena tolong aku prepared everything..heheh!!COOL!!

Syahmi's 1st birthday at Kota Bharu.my parents buat open house for hari raya n aku pun tumpang sekali buat birthday syahmi.juadahnya lagi banyak..ada yang buat n ada yang beli..AWESOME!!(aku kurus lagi masa ni..huhuhu!!)

27 October, 2009

Keep it up!!

Last Thursday n Friday,i had a great time camping at the school field with the pupils n teachers!!All the uniform units were involved.Thanks to all the teachers,workers n pupils for the cooperation n support.Evrything went well as planned n the BBQ nite was the best moment ever!!Apparently,my hubby wasn't able to join us that nite as he was taking care of Syahmi who wasn't feeling well but he is ok now..Here r some pictures that i managed to snap..enjoy!!

BBQ nite..kata ada jagung bakar jugak tapi cancel kut..apapun ayam best gak!!

aku selaku salah seorang guru pembimbing bangga sangat coz TKRS menang pertandingan memasak jemput2 pisang ni..

pertandingan ikhtiar hidup..n pemenangnya jatuh kepada unit unit P.Islam..

Perkhemahan berakhir dengan majlis penyampaian hadiah n persembahan dari semua unit(dtg lambat n tak sempat nak snap pics..hehe!!)Tahniah kepada semua unit di atas kejayaan n Congrats to TKSR coz terus unggul sebgai JOHAN keseluruhan 2 tahun berturut-turut..Keep up with the good work guys!!

Syahmi dah sihat ari jumaat n i brought him to the field..excited sangat dia tgk banyak khemah kat padang..siap masuk n baring2 lagi dalam khemah..

22 October, 2009

Happy 3rd birthday cayang ibu..

Wah!!ini hari yang ditunggu2..anak ibu dah cukup 3 tahun hari ni.Happy 3rd birthday cayang ibu!Kejap jer dah besar ek?alhamdulillah.tapi dah 2 hari batuk n flu tak baik2 lagi.pagi tadi plak macam ada lelah skit so pagi tadi pegi la klinik n doc just bagi ubat n pesan jaga makan n minum dia.hari ni aku n hubby terpaksa ambik cuti la coz risau jugak kalu hantar to his nanny's.hari ni jugak dah start perkhemahan unit beruniform sampai petang esok.dalam pukul 3 ptg tadi baru aku pun gi jenguk n pertandingan kawad kaki tengah berlangsung.syahmi dah ok skit ptg ni n dah kebetulan duk dekat dengan sekolah aku pun gi la.harap2 anak aku cepat sembuh n harap2 sangat biler dah umur 3 tahun ni selera makan dia semakin bertambah..tak mo la jadi picky eater
sangat..risau aku!

Semoga anak ibu,Syahmi Mukhriz Bin Khairul Syazlan
membesar sihat,pintar dan cerdas..InsyaAllah..
p/s:do wait for the next post..coz ada lagi gambar2 lain..

18 October, 2009

Who has turned 31?!

Just got back from my parents' house..penatnya..Ada buat makan2 skit.yang ni nanti aku citer kat post lain.And today is actually a special day..my hubby turned 31!happy birhday my darling hubby.semoga hubby akan hidup bahgia bersama Sayang..(aku ler tu..heheh!!)semoga hidup hubby diberkati n dilimpahi rezki olehNya..Semoga kita dikurniakan anak2 yang soleh n solehah..InsyaAllah.Takder present pun untuk hubby aku at the moment..Ingat nak beli perfume tapi tak sempat lagi nak gi beli..nanti2 la k?Cuma today gi makan kat luar n mama,adik n angah joined us..papa ada kerja plak..so tak leh join.At first nak gi pizza hut tapi ada hal plak kat situ n terus masuk chicken rice shop kat sebelah n had our lunch there..sedap jugak makan kat situ..lauk pun banyak n habis disapu licin..heheh!!

waiting for the food..


sedap jugak!!

banyak gak lauk..

my plate..ada nasi,BBq chicken,kerabu mangga,tauhu masak sauce thai..

10 October, 2009

Sayang vs Benci..?

bestnya relax macam ni..(kucing aku ni..named Kelabu..heheh!!?

Salam semua..How is everyone?harap semua org ok.aku ok jer..i am 100% fine..pedulikan kata2 kat shoutmix tu..sajer buat gempak jer..heheh!!tak baik being emo kan..coz mmg akan memakan dia.bak dalam lagu kump KRU(lagu dulu2)persetankan segala kata2..Tak payah nak pikir sangat kata2 org..tapi kalu untuk kebaikan diri ..tak apa la..

Em..kerja mmg banyak tapi relax jap.So..mmg betul kata org..jangan benci sangat seseorang tu,kelak dia akan jadi kesayanganmu n jangan sayang sangat seseorang tu,kelak dia kan menjadi kebencianmu..Biler difikirkan..mmg ada benarnya jugak.Kalau sentuh tentang bersahabat,mmg susah nak nak cari nak betul2 cinta n sayang kat kita..kalu ada pun kat depan kita..kat belakang dia citer pasal kita..kononya nak bercerita tapi dah macam buka pekung org yang berkenaan..Sesetengah org berkawan just untuk kepentingan diri pun ada..dapat apa yang nak..terus tinggalkan org tu terpinga2.Tapi jgn bimbang coz mmg ada gak kawan sejati yang sanggup tolong apa saja..berkorban apa saja.(lagu KRU lagi)macam bercinta lak..heheh!!tapi kalu berkwan mmg nampak macam couple yang bercinta..ye tak?aku berpengalaman gak benda2 camni..tapi takperla..dah lepas.so,kesimpulannya jangan sangat org 100%..sayang 30% dah la..the rest kita sayang diri kita sendiri n family n those yang sayang kita in return..okay?

ok..adios amigos..banyak lagi kerja duk menanti..chow!!salam..

28 September, 2009

Salam Eid'ulfitri..

Tahun ni mmg meriah raya kat Kedah..n kami tiga beranak berpeluang buat baju raya dari kain sama..Tahun2 lepas..semua kain lain2..warna jer sama.masa Syahmi 1 tahun,warna oren n tahun lepas masa Syahmi 2 tahun,warna maroon n tahun ni warna purple plak..Alhamdulillah raya tahun ni berjalan dengan baik walaupun cuaca tak menentu n ramai yang tak sihat..

Ambik gambar dgn mak n adik2 ipar aku...

syahmi mmg seronok sgt bleh jumper dengan geng yang kuat main..walaupun dengan batuk n runny nose..

santai2 sambil makan2..

Hari raya ketiga..semua dah berpakat buat rumah terbuka..pakat2 masak n juadahnya mmg lazat..Dari pagi sampai malam..aku asyik makan jer..heheh!!

Seminggu sebelum raya..aku actually tak beraper sihat,flu tapi tak batuk or demam.mmg tak larat.nasib baik Syahmi ok jer.Tapi raya pertama dia plak kena flu n batuk.aku n hubby gi carik ubat kat farmasi..nasib baik ada farmasi yang bukak.Malam raya kedua..demam pula singgah n pagi raya ke-3 syahmi mmg tak aktif n duk baring jer.merengek tak sangat n aku tgk dia lain macam jer..so bawak gi klinik yang kebetulan buka hari tu..Nasib baik demam biaser jer tapi sedih gak la aku tgk dia.Petang tu dia dah ok n started main2 n aku rasa lega skit la..Aku pun tak banyak tolong diaorang masak coz syahmi tak nak berenggang..so..makan jer la kan..Heheh!!Tapi aku tolong gak buat kerja2 lain tau..

later that nite..kanak2 dihidangkan dengan bunga api n Syahmi mmg excited sangat...n dah bertambah sihat skit..Alhamdulillah.

Rumah aku yang kat SP tu dah siap n pada hari raya ke-4 kami pun pegi ambik kunci..Lepas tu kami headed to rumah Sarah..dah janji nak gi.Network pulak tak ok jadi nak call or msg tak bleh so kami gamble jer carik rumah depa 2 org ni..Nasib baik jumper coz aku cam keta diaorang..heheh!!Ingatkan datang makan biskut jer tapi rupanya siap dihidangkan dgn kuey teow sup..umph!!sedap.bleh la aku makan lagi..hehe!!fahim tak sihat tapi dia ok jer
with syahmi around..Lawa gak umah depa ni..dihias dengan cantik sekali,,,aku berkenan langsir n cabinet dapur.biaserla aku ni baru dapat kunci rumah..mesti ske tgk umah org..tambah umah kawan2 baik kan?moga hubungan yang terjalin antara kita akan berkekalan hendaknya..Amin..

lepas lebih kurang 2 jam aku duk umah Sarah..aku pun minta diri n kami pun gi jalan2 ke Jusco Perda n sebelum balik singgah makan2 kat big apple..sedap drinks kat situ.Saja nak try.padahal kat Kerteh pun ada..heheh!!

Last 10 days of Ramadhan...

Salam semua..dah lama tak update blog..Mesti ramai tertanya2..yer ke?lagipun aku takder broadband..bleh update kat rumah jer..Banyak gak events di akhir2 Ramadhan ni.Dah banyak hari asyik duk masak jer..so aku n hubby and syahmi berbuka kat Dungun plak..best jugak sekali skala makan luar..Kat sekolah plak ada juga diadakan majlis khatam Quran n meraikan anak2 yatim..ada pulut kuning n hadiah2 untuk anak2 yang kurang bernasib baik.Hari last of pose aku dah ada kat Kedah n mmg dah saban tahun n dah jadi tradisi pakat ramai2 masak n makan nasi talam..Dipanggil nasi talam coz nasi tu diletakkan dalam talam n makan ikut family masing2..nasi mmg sedap tambah2 lagi dengan lauk2 eg:sup daging,ayam gulai,acar n daging rebus..umph!!firt class!!aku makan dengan hubby n nanti kalu syahmi dah besar skit n dah mula nak makan..bleh la join aku n hubby..InsyaAllah..

makan kat luar..

posing plak..

makan nasi talam kat rumah Tok di Guar Lobak..

17 September, 2009

Salam Lebaran..

Salam semua.3 hari lagi semua umat Islam di Malaysia akan menyambut Aidilfirti.Aku dah tak sabar2 nak balik beraya di S.Petani Kedah.Baju raya huby,syahmi n myself semua dah siap..alhamdulilah.Mlm ni singgah Kb dulu..n pagi2 esok baru bertolak balik ke SP.Baju2 pun dah siap packing n ada skit2 lagi barang yang nak kena bawak.Raya kali ni merupakan raya kali kedua aku as one family kat sana..kena gilir2 la kan..heheh!!raya haji ni raya belah family aku plak..

So..sempena hari raya ni aku nak pohon maaf sekiranya terdapat salah n silap..terkasar bahse..terlanjur kata..maklumla aku manusia biase jer.And this hari raya wish goes to my darling hubby,mama n papa,adik2 tersayang,angah n adik,mak and adik2 ipar(k.maz beli keronsang to u all..heheh!!),relative kat kg guar lobak n kb,all my colleagues esp Kak Suria,kak nah,kak za,kak ayu,kak da,kak zana,kak fatimahwati,kak rohana n all the guy teachers..GB,en aminudin,all my blogger frenz..Sarah(nanti aku terjah umah ko..hehe!!),Dude,Nita,Bugee,Tok,Jaja,Cousin-hidayah,along superman n ramai lagi..harap2 raya kali banyak menginsafkan kita coz kat luar sana ramai yang merayakan hari raya tanpa insan2 tersayang..Sama2 kita bersyukur di atas nikmat yang diberikan n sama2 kita menyanyangi di antara satu sama lain.

11 September, 2009

What's your child's learning style?part 1

What is a visual learner?

If you peek into a classroom, it's easy to spot a visual learner. He's the one sitting in the reading nook leafing through a book, or the one who's playing with a puzzle or shapes and letter. If your child is a visual learner, you've probably noticed that he has keen powers of observation: He watches your lips move as you speak or pays close attention to what you do when you're demonstrating something. That's because visual learners rely primarily on their sense of sight to take in information, understand it, and remember it. If they don't "see" it, they're not able to fully comprehend it.

Educators have identified two kinds of visual learners:
picture learners and print learners. Many children are a mixture of both, although some are decidedly one or the other, according to Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Hodson, authors of
Discover Your Child's Learning Style. Picture learners think in images; if you ask one whether an elephant is gray, he'll probably summon up the image of an elephant that he's seen at the zoo or in a photograph. Print learners think in words; they quickly learn to read and easily can memorize the correct spelling of words. They're also the ones who like to practice writing and forming letters. If you ask a print learner if an elephant is gray, the first thing he'll conjure up is the word "elephant," and then he may try to recall what he's seen in a book about the animal.

What are the benefits of knowing my child's learning style?

Knowing how your child learns and processes information is a valuable tool you can use to help him do better in school and develop a love of learning. Education experts have identified three main types of learning: physical, visual, and auditory. When learning a new math concept, for example, a visual learner will grasp the material more quickly by watching his teacher solve a problem on the blackboard or seeing himself solve the problem with concrete materials. An auditory learner will understand the concept if he can listen to the teacher explain it and answer his questions. A physical learner (also called tactual-kinesthetic) may need to use blocks, an abacus, or other counting materials to practice the new concept.

If you understand that your child is a visual learner (though his style may shift over time), and therefore most comfortable using sight to explore the world, you can play to his strength, and work on the other learning styles — physical and auditory — that may need more stimulation.

And this isn't just theoretical. Studies have shown that accommodating a child's learning style can significantly increase his performance at school. (Many of these studies were based on a specific learning styles program developed by Rita Dunn, director of the Center for the Study of Learning and Teaching Styles at St. John's University in New York City.) The evidence is compelling: Two elementary schools in North Carolina were able to increase the achievement-test scores of students from the 30th percentile up to the 83rd percentile over a three-year period. And in 1992, the U.S. Department of Education found that attending to a child's learning style was one of the few strategies that improved the scores of special-education students on national tests.

What can I do to help my visual child excel in preschool and kindergarten?

The best way to support your visual child is to indulge his interests and provide him with the materials he needs to learn. "Pay attention to what your child likes, and try to approach learning from that point," says Kurt Fischer, director of Mind, Brain, and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. If your child likes games, for example, card games can hone his memory and concentration skills. Have lots of books available, too, so he can look at the pictures or make an attempt to read the words. "One of the best predictors for school success is the number of books kids have access to at home and how much time their parents spend reading with them," says Fischer. And though it isn't recommended for all children, visual learners may benefit from educational television because watching helps them learn.

Whatever you do,
make sure the activities are developmentally appropriate. Preschoolers and kindergartners are trying to nail down fundamentals such as the alphabet and counting. The more advanced ones are already starting to read and may have begun to understand the basics of addition and subtraction. So if your child responds to pictures better than words, find books that have lots of interesting images accompanying text to encourage reading. Spend lots of time going over the alphabet if your child likes letters and words. Approach math and other subjects the same way, using illustrations and graphs if your child responds to images more readily, and the numbers themselves if your child likes printed information. For more activities your visual child may enjoy, see the articles listed below.

How can I address my visual child's weaknesses in other areas?

First, remember that your child's learning style isn't necessarily a liability. If his strengths do not lie with the physical or auditory, he's not necessarily doomed to have problems in school. Learning styles aren't set in stone, and your child will shift from one style to another as he gets older and develops other skills. "Learning is complex," says Barbara Given, director of the Adolescent Learning Research Center at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. "Finding out your child's learning style is just the tip of the iceberg. What matters more is what you do with this knowledge."

While it's important to provide your child with
visual stimulation if he's a visual learner, Given says you should pay attention to the other learning styles, too. "It's crucial that parents work with multiple senses as well, so the child can become well rounded and use various strategies to grasp new information," she says. Provide your child with opportunities to participate in hands-on activities to stimulate physical learning, and encourage him listen to music to strengthen his auditory skills.

You can also show him how to compensate for his lack of strength where listening and physical skills are required.
He may not absorb much of what the teacher is saying, for example, if it's circle time and the teacher isn't using anything visual to help explain a topic. If this happens often, tell him to sit close to the teacher so he can watch her face as she speaks. As much as possible, accompany verbal directions with visual cues — for example, pointing where you want him to go while saying, "Turn left, then right."

In the end,
what matters most is that you nurture and support your child's learning, no matter what his style. Follow his lead and focus not on how great he's becoming at certain subjects but how great he is in general. "Good parenting counts most," says Given. "It's essential for learning and discovery.

Syahmi Mukhriz...the visual learner..?agaknya la kut..

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