12 July, 2009

Birthday present in advance..

Well..Syahmi enjoys riding so much and since his old ride-on toy bike dah rosak sterengnya..i have replaced it with the new one .He is so thrilled to ride his new ride-on toy that i bought a few days ago..Didn't mean to spoil him but more to boost his motor skills..Actually,i thought of buying this toy for his upcoming birthday tapi takper la..maybe a good book will do just fine for his birthday present.His first ride-on toy was bought by his grandpa..n dah rosak sterengnya coz letak kat luar n kadang berhujan berpanas.And now Syahmi is able to ride his fave ride-on toys inside n outside the house..like he used to..hehe!!Yang lama letak luar n yang baru main dalam rumah..zoom sana..zoom sini..

bestnya..i pun try naik..nasib baik tak terbalik..hehehehe!!

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