07 July, 2009

Pre-Trial UPSR..

UPSR Pre-Trial started on sunday n ended today..everthing went well and biasala..hoping ramai will get 5As..So far,only 2 pupils managed to get 5As in previous test..My GB has helped a lot as he also 'turun padang' mengajar all the yr 6 pupils..i have marked a few papers n hope the result will put a big smile on my face..heheheh!!InsyaAllah..

p/s:aku tak ambik gambar la coz i was not in d mood to snap any pic lately..


bellafarhan said...

awak org mana yer.sy ni org sabah...nak kenal dgn awak..bleh??????

Mazwin.. said...

bleh aja nak kenal..saya ni org kelantan..skang duk Dungun working as a cikgu..and awak?

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