21 July, 2009

Shopping raya dah ke?

Yesterday was great..cuti sempena hari keputeraan terengganu.After having breakfast,this sentence came out from my hubby's..Jom..g kuantan?em,let me think..Ok gak,i said..heheh!!Actually,i thought of taking syahmi to mini zoo in kemaman since syahmi loves animals so much..maybe next time la cayang ek?so,off we went to Kuantan..juz went to these two places..Giant for lunch n East Coast Mall..for some shopping.My hubby ended buying himself a shirt,me-several heels(murah giler..n ada size aku!heheh!!)n Syahmi-hari raya shoes..Tu jer..Before headed back,dropped by at Baskin-Robbins for some ice-creams..i longed to try it and it tasted..soooo..yummylicious!!we bought the cheapest ice-cream which is Rm5.50 each..(sigh)tapi takper sebab sedap..heheh!!by 8.30p.m sampai paka n grabbed roti canai for dinner..n headed home after that..it was tiring but we had fun though..

syahmi joined the children playing while hubby n i had lunch.

syahmi n i were having ice-creams n the small pics are the stuff we bought at the mall..

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Hanis MY said...

beshnya shopping..tak sempat add shoutmix..tak reti la hehe

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