28 June, 2009

Langkawi..Day 2-June07,09

As hubby,syahmi and i were having breakfast,my brothers n my cousin's children had gone swimming n they had a lot of fun.we joined them after that n syahmi was really excited to be in the pool.hubby n papa tak mandi pun as they loved taking pics of us in that pool.Mama n kak tie(my cousin) just sat by the pool watching us.

jom terjun..

in the hotel rooms..


After checking out of the hotel,we went for the cable car ride.It took us 15 mins to get there.Luckily syahmi tak takut naik that cable car n i felt so relieved as we managed to go up n down again safely..alhamdullilah..

we could see Thailand from up here n the view was amazing..

syahmi was very lucky to experince this..

There was an animal farm near the cable car entrance n syahmi was so thrilled to see a few animals in it..

syahmi was feeding the deer with some grains..

b4 heading back to the jetty,we made a last stop at the famous landmark of Langkawi..

We had a blast n planned to visit this place again in the future and of course it did burn many big holes in my pockets..huhu!!Kalu dah duk Kedah nanti,blehla datang lagi..InsyaAllah..

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