28 June, 2009

Langkawi..Day 1-June6,09

I think i'm still not late for letting u all know about this trip.After spending a nite at my cousin's house,we headed to Langkawi n spent two days there.I didn't plan for this trip.Papa was the one who invited us to join him and the rest of the family(my side).We hired a van n papa was the driver..heheh!!After checked-in n cleaned ourselves,we went to Beras Terbakar n ate laksa by the beach..The view at the beach was fantastic..i was amazed by the creation of Allah..

dined out at nelayan restaurant the nite b4..

on the way to Langkawi..my cousin n her kids came along..

Burnt Rice aka Beras Terbakar

By the beach..

fantastic view..

best naik van..a new experience for syahmi

Later that nite,we 'jalan2' along the road where we stayed n i bought a hat for myself..after that we had dinner in one of the restaurants across the road..

i bought that hat n hubby,syahmi and i had breakfast the next morning..

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