23 January, 2010

Diaper cake anyone?

  • This is my latest project..DIAPER CAKE..anyone interested?
  • Have u heard of 'diaper cake'?..suitable for BB shower,birthday gift for BB or toddler 1-3 years..
  • saper2 yang ada kawan2 yang nak bersalin tu elok sgt bagi hadiah ni..lain dari yang lain..jarang n rasanya takder lagi org yang nak bagi diapers+hadiah2 sampingan macam ni kan?
  • tapi make sure the BB pakai diaper la kan?coz nama pun diaper cake kan?
  • saper2 yang berminat...bleh la order..u can send me a msg or email me..wnn8340@yahoo.com

i made this diaper cake for a good fren of mine.It consists of rolled disposable diapers,a BB shirrt n shorts,a towel..

this one is available..silap buat untuk BB girl..customer mintak untuk BB boy..so,bg yang lain untuk dia..nasib baik ada yang lain.ada 18 rolled up diapers(HUGGIES L size,a gown and pink soft shoes..

feel like eating this cake!heheh!!a new diaper cake for my colleague :inside :rolled up diapers,shorts n t-shirt,outside:a BB bib,a towel n a card..lovely!!

diaper cake made for a BB boy.consists of 18 rolled up diapers,toiletries j&j,blanket n teether

this is actually one diaper cake from different views.It's for a BB girl.it consists of 18 rolled up disposable diapers (HUGGIES size L),a gown and pair of cute n soft shoes..

I make this for a new born BB boy.it consists 18 rolled up disposable diapers(huggies),a romper and a soft ball.

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