29 June, 2009

English Camp..

Last week,we had an English Camp for yr 6 n it was held at D'Teratai Beach Resort,rantau abang.The camp started on wednesday,24thJune n i was assigned as the Urusetia to manage the pupils esp the girls..everything went well but i was kinda bored to go there n do nothing coz all the facis all from other schools+my GB.Luckily a few colleagues n Syahmi were there to accompany me..as my hubby need to go for a lawatan to KT with his pupils.Syahmi n i arrived at the resort on thursday eve n i was frustrated as i couldn't watch the pupils building sand castles but luckily i managed to get a few pics taken..hehe!!

syahmi met a few friends there n they had fun playing together..The camp ended at 11.30 am the next day n syahmi n i went home around 1.00 pm.Dropped by at Dungun to buy several stuff n headed home after that..

The sand castles...

Syahmi was having a lot of fun..

by the beach..on fri morning..

apa yang penting..kerjasama!!

Sempat lagi posing..

brought along his stuff n his fav bicycle untuk hilangkan boring..

p/s:aku cuti hari ni..ada hal tapi aperpun sempat lagi buat ni..heheh!!

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