31 December, 2008

2009...Here I come!!

Juz like ewione else,I also have goals and wishes for this impending year,2009

My goals and wishes r..

1.Be a good wife and mother (hoping the same from u,hubby)
2.Less talk,more work.(tapi kalu cakap banyak sambil buat kerja tak per kan?)
3.UPSR,2009-hope to be much better than this year.
4.Avoid buying mags and books at the same time at the same store.(can't help it!)
5.Be a better person..inside out(nak kurus skit jgk!)
6.Hoping to get the 2nd baby..(sarah,kite jadi preggy samer2 nak?hehe!!)
7.Hope all my aims and wishes..will come true..
8.All the best for family and my loved ones..love u all lots!

MAKE IT HAPPEN..you can do it if you put your mind into it..(InsyaAllah)

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