31 August, 2010


a few things happened recently..and they bothered me so much..
but it's ok n i've tried to mend everything..
dont worry..i'll be good..insyaAllah..
last weekend..back to my hometown n felt so at ease..
with parents n siblings around..
happy to see all the faces i love the most..
did break the fast together n talked about our life.
angah looked very happy with his wife..n i was glad to meet them..
adik is getting chubbier..hehe!!need to work out man!
make use of the stairs at ur apartment ya?
we went out to the mall n had fun time together..
all the things happened lately sort of like slipping away..really?
had girls day out with lily..my fren since highschool..
what a great day!
we talked n laughed..shopped n shared secrets n laughed again..
thank u for being there for me babe..
last sunday..em..felt not so well n dizzy..tak nak gi sekolah..but i need to..
i really need some time alone n i dont feel like talking much..
love to sit n work and do some reading..
InsyaAllah..everything will be just fine..
every cloud has a silver lining..
i believed that..

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