23 March, 2010

Hah..another year wiser!!

* Today,i am a year wiser..bleh gitu?getting old yet matured n need to tambah children.this is actually the wish that i've been hoping for..InsyaAllah.
*after school,off to paka to celebrate my big day..thought of going to MC D Kerteh or Mesra Mall, apparently hubby is quite exhausted n we just had lunch at a nice kopitiam..huhu!!i went like..Celebrate my bday di kedai2 gini2 jer ker?and huby kata..Lain kali la k?penat ni.yerla,selalu mewah2 skit..bukan kat hotel pun tp kat fast food restaurant.Nt nak ajak huby gi Secret Recipe ok gak kan?kira second treat from huby..hehe!!syhh!!
*had received gifts from papa..a diamond bracelet from Diamoney..best jugak coz dah tua2 pun papa masih lagi bagi hadiah*wink*ske sgt n special gift from hubby..lagi special but need to keep this as a secret.and massive thanks to my family,all my FB frens n colleagues for the birthday wishes..I HEART all of u!!
*walau tak celebrate besar-besaran..but i was lucky enuff to have such a darling huby n wonderful famliy n frens...nothing else matters..

birthday girl!*wink*

honey lemon tea -love this!!

BBQ noodles..sedap!

hubby's- french toast n cappuccino..

syahmi is enjoying his fries with mayo..

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