05 August, 2009

A new hip hop boy has born..

Its been a while since my last post..so,here i am..

The king of pop is now gone and i do love most of his songs..banyak about the world,nature n children..do say our prayer for him.Rest in peace..Mikael Jackson..Amin..So..wanna know..who the new hip hop boy is?heheheh!!it's my son..Syahmi.I had captured a few snaps of him by the beach last month..if im not mistaken..He was not in the mood to pose actually but it seemed like he was doing a hip hop dance..don't ya think?

yo!!yo!tapi ibu tak nak Ami jadi rappers tau..kalu bleh jadi lecturer agama lagi bagus..so u can educate people our beautiful n perfect Islam..InsyaAllah..*wink*

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