12 August, 2009

Minat ke?minat la..

Despite all the hatred by some people for Siti Nurhaliza..i am still a big fan of her..i envy her success..ya..she may not a genius academically..but she has gained a huge success n it did impact her life totally.at the age of 30..she is now a Datuk..how i envy her..she got the look,talent,a hardworking n down to earth person n a very sopan-santun woman..satu lagi..dia tak banyak cakap.kita yang belajar tinggi pun takkan kaya cam dia..kan?tapi percayalah rezeki Allah ada di mana2.n rezeki bukan bersangkut paut dengan duit jer..tapi sihat tubuh badan,ada kerja,a wonderful family n friends around..itupun rezeki gak..n banyak lagi rezeki Allah yang tak ternilai..n kita should be thankful for all the gifts..

Siti Nurhaliza..
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