18 March, 2009

meet The Gosselins..

The Gosselins are typical American family. Meet Jon and Kate, the twins, and the sextuplets.

Jon Gosselin picture
Jon Gosselin
Born April 1, 1977
Dad Jon does his best to keep up with his high-energy family.
Kate Gosselin photo
Kate Gosselin
Born March 28, 1975
Mom Kate is a take-charge kind of lady who keeps order.
Cara Gosselin photo
Cara Gosselin
Born October 8, 2000
Sweet, friendly, quiet, girly, and caring describe Cara!
Madelyn Gosselin photo
Madelyn "Mady" Gosselin
Born October 8, 2000
Stand back—Mady needs a stage!
Alexis Gosselin photo
Alexis Gosselin
Born May 10, 2004
Alexis is a happy child who loves to laugh.
Aaden Gosselin photo
Aaden Gosselin
Born May 10, 2004
They call Aaden "The Professor."

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