14 February, 2009

Boy or girl??

Mgg lepas cousin hubby aku dapat BB girl..ank ketiga..Yang pertama n kedua lelaki.suka sgt dia dapat bb girl.aku pun tumpang excited gak.bulan 3 ni bleh la aku balik tgk bb tu.kelmarin aku kebetulan aku gi sura gate bb centre,n berkenan la satu baju ni..cantiknya!biler dah beli sayang plak nak bagi org..tapi kalu simpan pun aku bukan ada bb girl lagi..InsyaAllah,kalu no 2 ni dapat girl..best tak terkata..senyum sampai ke telinga..hehehe!!InsyaAllah..

cantik kan?

aku dah puluh2 kali duk belek tapi tak puas tgk..heheh!!

These r a few tips on how to choose a bb gift..

Many of us thought buying a baby gift is very easy. In fact, it can be a very stressful exercise. With the available budget to spend, we would want something which is value for money, presentable and most useful to the recipients and their newborns.

We can indeed ask ourselves some basic questions before deciding what gifts to buy for the newborns:

1. What is my budget?

2. How close I am with the mother and the baby?

3. Do I know what does the mother desire in a baby gift?

4. Could I check with the mother what she wants most for a gift?

5. Do I know already what the mother has bought for her newborn?

6. Do I have the time to shop for the gift?

7. Do I have the time to wrap or to decorate the gift?

8. Do I have time to deliver the gift myself?

9. What do I look for in selecting a baby gift – practicality or presentable?

10. Do I know whether the mother is breastfeeding or bottle feeding her baby?

11. Is it a baby boy or baby girl?

12. Is it a first time mother/first baby?

So..lepas ni sng la nak buat pilihan..ye tak??

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